✍ The Most ENORMOUS Lettering Project I’ve Ever Done!

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41 responses to “✍ The Most ENORMOUS Lettering Project I’ve Ever Done!”

  1. Will Paterson Avatar

    Huge shout to Ian, Stefan and Simon Cade from DSLR guide for making the video happen. Simon filmed and edited the final video!

  2. Matt Baker Avatar

    You should buy shirts your size

  3. Mitchell Roe Avatar

    what is this alvin and the chipmunks millennial background noise on every vlog type video nowadays? haha

  4. PlanetLazy Avatar

    thats pretty cool

  5. ziolp Avatar

    Very cool! Does anyone know the song he used over the footage?

  6. Mariam Yh Avatar

    One of my favorite video on YouTube, great job!!

  7. Jason JASON Avatar

    How incredible are your videos will !!

  8. janvierbam Avatar

    Starts @8:55 final result is… debatable

  9. the_L3G. Avatar

    hahhahahah so funny, "here's where the skillshare stuff happens, yeea man" 😀

  10. ben chen Avatar

    Lol. Homage to art attack

  11. crihala Avatar

    Hy Will! Can you tell me please some good online logo design courses? Maybe you have this but I don't know about it. Thank you!

  12. Swerve Designs Avatar

    Blimey! this is amazing, Great work.

  13. Jord Avatar

    What camera was used to record this?

  14. Samuel Zea Avatar

    Will, how can i send you a logo of mine for you to critique?

  15. Ben Slatter Avatar

    Yo dude, I love your videos and I was just wondering what font you used for "Day one" and the names of the people you were with. Thanks in advance.

  16. Spencer Pugh Avatar

    Loved it, bro. Make more of these! Loved the color grading as well!

  17. MegaSHARESH Avatar

    great video! have to ask.. what camera you use for your vlog?

  18. Jake Shanahan Avatar

    Will, could you make a video on your opinions on freelance websites?

  19. Count Zero Avatar

    Nice project 🙂 Next stage is a massive hand lettering in a field, like the crop circles?

  20. Michael Peter Dalsgaard Avatar

    so did Simon finally buy a new camera for this? 🙂

  21. Daniel Sidebottom Avatar

    I loved this entire video from start to finish, even though it was a blog it felt more like a mini short film/documentary and wAs set out so beautifully! Amazing job will!!!

  22. Szcribble Avatar

    Simon Cade!?!?!?! WHATTTT

  23. Ian Barnard Avatar

    Top class vlog buddy. Those slow mo airport shots are on point!

  24. alphie Avatar

    do you use any effects to your videos? it looks amazing

  25. Joe Burns Avatar

    Got me 2 free months! Thanks Will!

  26. SourZy Avatar

    i didnt know you knew simon cade ??

  27. / Avatar

    skin tight jeans and a super long shirt. you're less than one step away from wearing a dress lol

  28. Matt Brophy Avatar

    is skill share just for hand lettering?

  29. TURBO TYRANT Avatar

    I want to say I've been watching your video's religiously. I haven't graduated college with a designing degree. But you gave me the inspiration to keep designing and I just landed my first design job working for a company. Thank you.

  30. Sergio The One Avatar

    Mesmerizing!!! That's the only way I can describe this! I've been really into lettering lately & this just takes that to the next level!

  31. Jacob De La Rosa Avatar

    Love the style of the vlog. Well contructed Will!!!!!!

  32. Cole Gawin Avatar

    This is amazing!!

  33. Callum Rowley Avatar

    Will this is completely amazing. Love this style of vlogging!

  34. Ryan Bowles Avatar

    Didn't realise how many challenges there'd be in this! Well done brother

  35. mahdiyya khan Avatar

    I like how you edited this video. Especially the part at the end with the ink sketch and the actual finished product. 🙂

  36. Anonymous Designer Avatar

    Would've never imagined you have links with the guy from DSLR Guide :/
    Also, love the colour grading

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