✏️ 15 Minute Logo Challenge!?

I kind of regret making this video! The logo looks awful because it took me 15 minutes! Sometimes the idea is great, but you just need more time. Do you think I passed of failed the challenge?
In the next video, I’m going to turn this logo into some great

Great Graphic Design Resources!


Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed this video!

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38 responses to “✏️ 15 Minute Logo Challenge!?”

  1. Carl Raw Avatar

    Notification squad reppin'

  2. AnticsDesigns Avatar

    I think it would have looked much better without the stroke

  3. ShiftedDesigns Avatar

    what program are you using on the ipad?

  4. Karl Vasquez Avatar

    Whenever I feel like I'm running out of creative juice. I always come by at your channel and watch your videos. Your channel helps me a lot on boosting up my creativity on the project I'm working with. Stay awesome Will!

  5. Ryan Gross Avatar

    did you really just misspell the name? Craby? That sounds like it rhymes with baby. 2 B's buddy. L bro

  6. Prince Joogie Avatar

    what do you call that app in your ipad?

  7. Skyish Avatar

    What app is this?

  8. Spectre Gamers Avatar

    15 minute design challenge. 11 minute video.. are we in a time vortex??

  9. Frizzer Avatar

    Awesome video, Will, how did you get the drawing into illustrator ?

  10. Kristine Herzog Avatar

    Your website is absolutely gorgeous. I was on the home page for a while just watching, ha!

  11. Joshua Iungerich Avatar

    make a logo for a videogame based on a snake

  12. Mo na Avatar

    what app did you use to record your screen?

  13. Carlos Castro Avatar

    for. a moment looks like a chocolate logo

  14. petenchi andrei Avatar

    Please make a logo for a brand that is named " Why not " it`s a pizza restaurant and the theme for this would be a spartan because of the city from where it is placed.

  15. New Age Studio Avatar

    Is this illustrator or photoshop ? or other thing ?

  16. Ranjeet Jagtap Avatar

    Great design❤ Haha didnot expect that my brief would be chosen! Thats awesome!

  17. Brains King Avatar

    Whats the ios app name ?

  18. Joshua Feliz Avatar

    amazing job will. you killed this!

  19. Golden Owl Avatar

    I liked the red color more than the blue. Great stuff dude!

  20. Felix Nguyen Avatar

    oooo that looks bad

  21. Jody Hicks Avatar

    It's crazy you can make a logo that good that quickly. If I had to critique your work, I would remove the black outline (or change the color) and make the pincher red, Maybe through a gradient. Probably weren't able to do anything too fancy in 15 minutes though lol.

  22. Eloy García Avatar

    Isn't the black stroke just horrible or is just me? D: I liked it more with just the typo, no decoration at all.

  23. Chi Nguyen Avatar

    I loved the video Will! You are definitely an inspiration and a channel I recommend to my friends.
    The red version definitely won my vote. (I'm not sure if you spend up the video but of so that's cheating. with that being said, still exponentially way faster than I can so I can't say much).

    Please keep up what you're doing. This channel definitely motivates me to late nights working on personal projects. I don't do design for a living right now but I hope to eventually.

  24. Hollie Arnett Design Avatar

    Hey Will, this is awesome! I love seeing how you use the iPad Pro! I actually did this same challenge a few months ago! Feel free to check it out if you like 🙂 https://youtu.be/2MmdC1_Xpy8

    Love the videos! Thanks 😀

  25. Oana Dusa Avatar

    Hey Will! I believe the first colored version was great. I think the double stroke kinda got it unnecessarily complicated. It's just my opinion :). The red on a bit darker yellow/orangey background looked really nice.

  26. PONILAND Avatar

    Is there a similar app for windows? 🙁 ….why there's always nothing interesting for windows' users 🙁

  27. just4all1 Avatar

    looks very childish, didn't like the colors

  28. Corrupt Avatar

    I fucking love this channel, keep up the good content!

  29. Caitlin Owen Avatar

    I think an interesting idea would be for you to create a brief about a fake business looking for a logo, and then critique the submissions you get. I'd love to participate in something like that.

  30. 0757Lisa Avatar

    Great work ! I just think that the black outline wasn't necessary 🙂 I like when it's more "clean"/simple. I stay tune for the new version of this logo 🙂 bye from France !

  31. Seazy YT Avatar

    It's amazing how much this channel is growing! You're my favorite bro, I love everything you do, keep it up with the amazing videos

  32. JessieRainbowEyes Avatar

    Set us a design challenge that we can send to you for feedback!

  33. rlsimmons1214 Avatar

    Great Work for a 15 min challenge while teaching! You are clearly a Professional. We artists can be our own worse critics. Kudos!

  34. Adam Ullström Avatar

    Regardless if you think it is good or bad, it is really interesting to see the actual design process and chain of ideas. Looking forward to the next one. Good one!

  35. Will Paterson Avatar

    I'll be making a video showing how to make the logo better! So stay tuned 🙂

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