✏️ Critiquing Your Logo Designs! #8

Today I’m critiquing some of your logo designs!

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Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed this video!

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29 responses to “✏️ Critiquing Your Logo Designs! #8”

  1. Killer Raspberry Avatar

    5:10 it looks like "Diamond Ohio" idk what it's called but OSU MB does it at pregame

  2. xCROATIAx Avatar

    Do people not have geography in school… How do you not know where Cameroon is, lol

  3. MacDisciple Avatar

    Ooof that camera logo was bad. The hand on the left side is a mess of positive and negative space. The name looks arbitrarily composed with the graphic as an afterthought.

  4. Fyzler Avatar

    Font on the easy pictures one plz

  5. Bhagirathy J. Panth Avatar

    its pi (as in the mathematical unit 3.14) + seas. PI – SEAS.

    good video otherwise.

  6. MUCS Technology Avatar

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  7. Misbauddin Chowdhury Avatar

    Your tutorial is great and I practices it. Really awesome. Now I am Graphic Design Expert. Let's see it https://www.fiverr.com/shahan953/design-logo-and-and-i-am-expert-it

  8. Harrison Schaler Avatar

    probably shouldn't be showing peoples email addresses

  9. Chibi Muffinhead Avatar

    the pisces logo bothers the fuck out of me. the negative space creates the letters d.h.p. and thats irrelevant to the company. thats what i see first before "fish".

  10. Lisa Kakazu Avatar

    For the Pisces restaurant logo my eye is drawn to the center where it looks like the letter H in negative space, also for some reason the logo reminds me of a swastika…

  11. Isiah Howard Avatar

    After "I don't know where Cameroon is" and "pieces" I had a hard time taking this video seriously

  12. olof 123123123123 Avatar

    the sceafood resturant logo isnt symetrical

  13. Penelope Lenam Avatar

    The Pisces logo reminds me of the Stussy S from elementary school.

  14. Binary Avatar

    Can someone recommend him a channel about geography ?

  15. Luckee You Creative Butterfly Avatar

    If in fact, you are available for hire, as you state, why would you ignore clients requesting your logo services? Or are/have you created a ghost site to get video views, sponsorships or affiliate sales from SquareSpace and such or ????
    Maybe you have to much work, and if that is the case-at least a follow up email in return…instead of weeks of blank space.Trying to understand your business-to-client, retentions, and framework of YOUR business. Thank you for your time in advanve if you are indeed available to read and respond.

  16. Joe Ma Avatar

    Your logos shit

  17. Da666ManIsBak Avatar

    I'm a graphic / logo designer myself, and my criticisms were nearly identical to his 🙂

  18. MoMo RiGoLe Avatar

    What it is background music?

  19. SaintKiki Avatar

    Cameroon is in Africa

  20. RonnieTheZombie Avatar

    Would love to know if you are still taking critiques

  21. Elaine Cochran Avatar

    ooh, can't wait for the tech talks!

  22. Dylan Thomas Avatar

    i could honestly listen to you speaking about anything and id still enjoy it how tf

  23. George Vukojevic Avatar

    Hi there!
    Here are few logos i choose to put in my first logofolio. I would be pleased if you could go through them and critique it.
    Thanks a lot! 😀

  24. Dizkodude Avatar

    This is a great idea. Are you going to do more of this?? If so where can I send them to you. Id love to get your thoughts. Thanks

  25. Ashish Niroula Avatar

    Thanku for the channel.. Great Job!! Cheers!

  26. Marcu Sergiu Avatar

    How can I submit a logo for the critique?

  27. Izrahyel Avatar

    I don't think Will knows what Pisces is, or he'd probably be more impressed by the creativity.
    But overall his critiques are fair. 🙂

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