0.0: Introduction – Processing Tutorial

This video is the very first in a series dedicated to learning to program using Processing.
Processing is a free and open source programming environment perfect for beginners and advanced users alike. It allows you to learn core principles of computer programming within the context of the visual arts.
This series of videos is also a companion piece to the Learning Processing book (

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25 responses to “0.0: Introduction – Processing Tutorial”

  1. Sandun Nissanka Avatar

    Please do a tutorial for c++
    your better than any of my professors haha
    Thank youu
    you are awesome

  2. shruti jalodia Avatar

    thank you for making it sound so fun !! looking forward to the rest of the tutorial !  🙂

  3. john nguyen Avatar

    Holy shit yes, everytime i try to attempt it i feel completely lost.

  4. Saksham Bakshi Avatar

    what's ur secret of your energy man ????
    , just add assignment (exercise ) to practice ….pls

  5. TheTrueMizukage Yagura Avatar

    I dont know what it is about how you talk, or act but this video just really help, and you style made me really happy thanks

  6. Kino -Imsure1200q Avatar

    java is kind of meh to me but javascript is kind of hem to me..

    hem = inverted of meh

    you are watching in 2018

    im assuming you turned your computer dates year into 2018..

  7. Tejeshw Vardhan Avatar

    stand alone app possible?

  8. Manuel Morillo Avatar

    Is processing its own language or ..??

  9. Tom Scharstein II Avatar

    I'd been hesitant to start (despite experience in CNC programming and animation) but decided I need to while reading Indra's Pearls, have juggled through a few tutorial channels, and you are the best. Can't thank you enough! I've watched a few of your videos now and shamelessly skipped ahead to see the more complicated stuff and you are great from the ground up to the clouds.

  10. Tushar Sadhwani Avatar

    I'm learning processing.py, but the thing is, I can't decide between p5 and processing. What should I do?

  11. Rohan Sawant Avatar

    I have seen some recent video of yours. I loved it a lot. But for me to understand those in a better way I need to start from the very beginning. I am starting to watch your videos from today. Will slowly move towards the top and will leave a comment each time I complete a video.

  12. Tsunami Crasher Avatar

    I am currently 20 and I feel as if I'm too old to really be competitive against people my age who started at a young age.

  13. April Cannon Avatar

    love your teaching style. thank you

  14. June original Avatar

    Your awesome lets learn

  15. Rusty Raider Avatar

    I was here :p scrolled a lot

  16. Dear Duuh Avatar

    I know this is an old video, but here it goes: I always tried to get engaged in any kind of coding, but every time I tried to start learning it I got bored after some time. Two weeks ago I watched this video, and I got interested in Processing. After watching some episodes of this series, i challenged myself to remake an old, fun and basic game: Breakout. And I actually did it in a couple hours! I recorded a timelapse of the process (which I posted in my channel).
    What I mean by this is that this series gave me the "push" that I was looking for. And thanks for this, Dan 🙂

  17. Prakad Alpha Avatar

    heh watching it in 2017…!!!

  18. Martin Stacey Avatar

    it would be really helpfull to create a video all about errors and what they mean

  19. Strakiller 21 Avatar

    void setup() {

    size(640, 360);

    void draw() {

    rect(mouseX, mouseY, 100, 100 );

  20. bevan junior Avatar

    i really want to talk with you
    if you cant

  21. bevan junior Avatar

    Cant you give me your email??

  22. Youi Gta Avatar

    I came from the future to watch this video ,and no you are not a robot in the future, which is actually the present ;whaterver at least you didn4t turn to a robot "YET".

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