0.1: Who are you? Who am I? – Processing Tutorial

In this video, I introduce myself and talk about who these videos are for.

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25 responses to “0.1: Who are you? Who am I? – Processing Tutorial”

  1. William Wherewhatwho Avatar

    I love your work with processing!

  2. MR HIDDEN Avatar

    I am afraid I am a talentless shit 🙁

  3. Farhan Ghazi Avatar

    Just started! Looking forward to it.

  4. Itamar Tafarello Avatar

    I found you in the nodejs tutorial and because you have such charisma, I dig to this first video and I noticed that you still smiling.
    I really like your videos.
    Thanks for the mentoring.

  5. Moe Mustafa Avatar

    How can i contact you Daniel, not for a date or anything, but questions related to the processing matter? 😀

  6. Katy Giroux Chau Avatar

    I'm Katy. I'm a designer UI/Ux and front-end developper from Québec city. When I finish school, one of my teacher suggest me to learn Processing because I love to try different thing. I was curious and I look a lot about what we can do with processing. Let me say you I can't wait to start!! I'll have a lot of fun and you look like a great and funny teacher! 🙂

  7. Sarath R Warriar Avatar

    Hi, me SARAth
    NicE to meet you
    liked your video up there
    #supporting #excited #eating

  8. Tushar Sadhwani Avatar

    Does ITP stand for Intro to Programming? Just a wild guess.

  9. András Gyarmati Avatar

    0:37 its like a function, i thought u gonna put a semicolon at the end 😀

  10. Molly Kaplan Avatar

    your videos are great and I love your teaching style. I'm Molly, I've done some coding but still consider myself new. I like visual graphics programs like Blender and live audio (Supercollider). I've done some web design with html, css and javascript but that's about it. I'd like to increase my vocabulary and get comfortable with coding languages in order to have more freedom with my creative projects and understand how the programs I use work at the developer level. Anyhow, I've watched a couple videos and decided to start at the very beginning. THanks again for sharing your knowledge!

  11. Jan Witkowsky Avatar

    I am a student who is cramming for a exam project.

    Very unskilled, so I am running through all the playlist in double speed now, have 3 weeks to learn all I need to know for the info-screen I am going to make.

  12. Rohan Sawant Avatar

    You have so much of energy…. :-)..

  13. spezi1337 Avatar

    This is so cool, you are a great teacher!

  14. Magic Warthog Avatar

    I made the french traductions! I hope you will appreciate them,

    a magic warthog ;D

  15. Ivans Guks Avatar

    cool, i have wanted to start programming. After u said i need to know nothing about it, i was happy ^^

  16. Koustav Pal Avatar

    Amazing! A fan of yours from India and a coding enthusiast.

  17. Quintin Brown Avatar

    Daniel, your video came across my feed, and I have been binge watching them! They are very informative. I have dabbled with HTML and CSS and I loved learning them. I guess I am trying to ask is what language of code is an easy start that I can jump into and learn? What books would your recommend for someone starting to code?

  18. Aqua Nightingale Avatar

    I'm new to programming.
    I have python and I have absolutely no idea how/where to start learning.
    any tips?

  19. Greg Rodriguez Avatar

    Awesome video– If I were you, I'd take a chill pill and be a little more relaxed.  Pretend the Camera is a student (maybe you are) and you are just extremely charismatic and slightly eccentric.  Energy is good but too much is distracting.  Your intro is good, we know you are making video as a teaching supplement or addendum. (I'm an academic if you couldn't tell). I'm 1:17 into the video….and you are almost losing me.  I'm assuming your target audience is college level and not high-school/grammar school aged–remember that when you are presenting.  You don't have to be dry but keep the info coming at a steady course, be confident, and keep your teaching authority…. Maybe I'm just a little more structured… I love your idea and I think you are on to something.  Keep producing.  Just my $.02

  20. Joey Vigil Avatar

    64 likes, 2^n number.

  21. Maria Daniel Deepak Avatar

    I love the way you engage and teach. You're so amazing, Daniel. By the way, we share the same name (at least a part of it). Thanks for the videos and keep up the good work.

  22. EikyTavie Avatar

    you are positively the most charming person i have ever come across!! bless your happy heart!!

  23. Pavan Kumar Kundagol Avatar

    Thanks for makings these videos! Need DS, Algo, Lamda, OO, *QL topics cos you are making it so interesting to learn! May the *verse bless you!

  24. MrJerryKeane Avatar

    keep going Daniel, Gracias, Saludos de México

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