0.3: What is programming? – Processing Tutorial

This video attempts to answer the following question in a high level way: “What is programming?”

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30 responses to “0.3: What is programming? – Processing Tutorial”

  1. Rosi Santos Avatar

    Thanks a million. This course is the right one for me!

  2. Zilan A. Avatar

    Wow, that is a really really good video. I am going to watch your all videos. Thank you.

  3. Steven Barnes Avatar

    Please never change the way you plan and make your videos. The happy and never 100% certain, way you present them, is one of the best things about them. The content is fantastic. Having you talk through your thinking process, is something, most other teachers unfortunately don't replicate.

  4. MR HIDDEN Avatar

    There is fucking hard logic!!! yak

  5. Deus Vult. Avatar

    Easily the most entertaining lesson i ever had.
    Im going to learn java processing, and i will watch all of your videos to get started.
    Im going to know you by the end of this.

  6. Oyesigye Davin Avatar

    You are the best teacher i wish to have in school….. Thank you Dan

  7. Alelu Melelu Avatar

    The teacher and the video I have been searching for so long! Thank you !

  8. hofp bros Avatar

    i'm lucky to see u ,teaching me to program ,its fun

  9. Bouh Houssein Avatar

    Thank you so much !!!

  10. Khalid Hamouti Avatar

    you're the best 🙂

  11. Juniper Diaz Avatar

    There's been a lot of video tutorials out there but this is the only one that doesn't make me feel sleepy along the way. Thanks for this! 🙂

  12. Jeremy Stocks Avatar

    Hi there, just to say i like these videos! I'm learning Java but watch these!

  13. Nopik Purnawan Avatar

    you're one of my favorite list! i enjoy your video, so awesome.

  14. Orion Wilson Avatar

    Hey, man. I'm really glad for these videos. I've been trying to find something or someone to get some kind of actual training from, but I found nothing that seems to be slow/in-depth enough to put me on board until I found your channel. This is really helpful. thank you!

  15. HII Dude Avatar

    you are amazing ….sir

  16. MoNorthwest1 Avatar

    You are an inspiration to change my life and my thinking. Many obstacles to overcome, but listening to you makes it seem within my grasp.

  17. joyfulsha Avatar

    The best damn explanation. You are right about being a toddler. They have the best life. LOL! Wish I had you years ago. Maybe you can train / teach some cs professor. U rock!

  18. Melinda McCulloch Avatar

    You're great! Thank you!

  19. Alamnoor Sandhu Avatar

    I did this exercise, and below is what I came up with :
    Step 0: Take out the toothbrush from the holder.
    Step 1: Hold it in your dominant hand.
    Step 2: Open the tap and Rinse your toothbrush bristles.
    Step 3: Rinse your mouth and close the tap.
    Step 4: Take out the toothpaste container from the holder and open it.
    Step 5: Squeeze toothpaste container from the bottom and put some paste on toothbrush bristles.
    Step 6: Close the toothpaste container and put it back in the holder.
    Step 7: Close your mouth with upper front teeth and lower front teeth joined.
    Step 8: Place your toothbrush on your joined teeth.
    Step 9: Move toothbrush one centimeter up and then move one centimeter down. Repeat 10 times respectively.
    Step 10: Move your toothbrush one centimeter to left and then move one centimeter to right. Repeat 10 times respectively.
    Step 11: Stop and open your mouth 4 cm wide.
    Step 12: Change position of toothbrush bristles to right lower bed of teeth
    Step 13: Move 1 cm further and then move 1 cm back. Repeat 10 times.
    Step 14: Change position of toothbrush bristles to left lower bed of teeth. Repeat Step 12 on teeth.
    Step 15: Change position of toothbrush bristles to right upper set of teeth. Repeat Step 12.
    Step 16: change position of toothbrush bristles to left upper set of teeth. Repeat Step 12.
    Step 17: Spit the liquid from the mouth.
    Step 18: Open tap to medium flow. Rinse your mouth and toothbrush bristles.
    Step 19: Close the tap.
    Step 20: Repeat Steps from 6 to 17.
    Step 21: Open tap to medium flow. Wash your mouth and toothbrush.
    Step 22: Close the tap.
    Step 23: Put toothbrush in the holder
    Step 24: Check your teeth in the mirror.
    Step 25: Switch off the washroom light and leave the washroom.

  20. Aryuna3200 Avatar

    I really enjoy your explanations 😀 I was really having a hard time to get the logic of programming and i was getting very discouraged but your are right, fitst i should start with little steps and make sure they work xD

  21. duy le Avatar

    Love your videos so much.

  22. Marcus Norton Avatar

    Hokey Pokey == programming for toddlers to learn body parts, more familiarize themselves with them, and also burn off extra energy.  =D
    Programming is just a set of instructions run in a particular way you want them to be run to achieve a desired result.
    The provided example of brushing your teeth with a specific set of instructions of how to do something.
    Much of the same instructions could be used to also squirt some tooth paste at another person.  Some of the instructions would need to be removed but much of the similar instructions could be utilized to accomplish the task of "Squirting the tooth paste".It would require taking a bunch of the previous instructions but adding to them and reordering them to fit the new desired result.

    Couldn't you say that programming involves a lot of reprogramming?

  23. Sir. Boaz Mutatay Avatar

    I really wish you were my teachers. We have already reached trigonometry in class but my teacher sucks to death. Thank you very much for doing this. You the best!

  24. Junior Gois Avatar

    I think you're the best teacher I ever had. 😀

  25. Simon Tewolde Avatar

    GENIUS and also really funny! (not in a bad way). Great videos so far

  26. Tyops Avatar

    Amazing videos! I've watched some of them on vimeo and I most say, I wish I have teachers like you. Thanks a lot!

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