1.1: Introduction – Git and GitHub for Poets

In this first video of Git and GitHub for Poets, we go over the concepts of commits and repositories as well as an overview of the GitHub User Interface


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GitHub Repository for User Rainbow Coder:

Intro to GitHub:

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History of Git:

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31 responses to “1.1: Introduction – Git and GitHub for Poets”

  1. soumya sarkar Avatar

    thanks for the video…u r so enthusiastic 🙂

  2. UrTwiN Avatar

    What about significant changes? For example, I built a website with Bootstrap, and now I'm re-building the site with CSS GRID, so I've removed all code and files associated with Bootstrap and I'm building it with CSS Grid. How does Git/Github handle the inclusion/exclusion of files through versions?

  3. nexusbug Avatar

    Thank you Dan. Awesome as always.

  4. Sia Sharma Avatar

    excellent tutorial.. easy and simple ..

  5. Topsoil Depletion Awareness Avatar

    This is awesome. Coding Train was the first library i got into because he explain things really simple just how I like it.

  6. Deep Mondal Avatar

    For this clear tutorial i owe you a bear man 🙂

  7. Nish Bocaj Avatar

    You forgot to hyperlink the closing parenthesis in the "History of Git:" link

  8. atifaftab Avatar

    I wish i had half of your energy. Awesome work, keep it up.

  9. shaun lee Avatar

    this is so good thank u coding train

  10. Omar Conti Avatar

    Just subscribed..
    Awesome lesson and liked very much your style!

  11. Altamash Shaikh Avatar

    nice vid got cleared with git and github
    hey Daniel can u let me know is beanstalk works same as github.

  12. Carl Jones Avatar

    At the 11:25 mark, when you're looking for "History", that's exactly how I am with GitHub most of the time. : )

  13. Suryansh Nadda -nody Avatar

    great job , i clicked on add to so that you can earn from youtube

  14. hatfieldandthenorth Avatar

    Excellent teaching style. Very clear, and conveyed with joy! By the way, I found myself here after going through some of your p5.js tutorial videos – also very good. Many thanks.

  15. Ariel Rodrigues Avatar

    Dude, as a writer, this is going to save my life. So glad this is a thing.

  16. Nizarudin Fahmi Avatar

    Everything that I was confused about git is explained clearly by this video. Thanks, Mr. Daniel 😀

  17. camelCase Avatar

    And then GitKraken comes along and just makes the most amazing Git client ever.

  18. Мухиддин Махмудов Avatar

    Thank you for this lesson! It very helped me! You're brilliant teacher with excellent sense of humor!

  19. Alex Bramah-Lawani Avatar

    This is the most awesome introduction to the topic I have seen yet, Bravo

  20. Charlie Sanabria Avatar

    Dude! Awesome tutorial! I wish I could be your friend 😀

  21. Gaurav Wahi Avatar

    Fantastic job. Keep it up 🙂

  22. Imam Hidayat Avatar

    I hope my lecturer as informative as yours

  23. zdoumagne Avatar

    Hey Daniel:
    great and informative video! By the way the wiki link to git is missing a ")" somehow, you might wanna fix that

  24. kosmic dust Avatar

    awesomeness daniel so funny and informative at same time

  25. Vishal Anand Avatar

    Thank you Daniel for mentioning difference between Git and Github right in introduction. Man that was a big misunderstanding I had when I started using version control few years back!

  26. Christopher Morales Avatar

    Great video, excellent explanation.

  27. Peppa Pig Avatar

    " Mastering Git and GitHub learn more here! . https://t.co/Q6zkrJYetE

  28. Scar Avatar

    stop waving your arms around dude wtf

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