1.1: Introduction – p5.js Tutorial

In this video, I talk about p5.js. What is it? What can you do with it? Where did it come from? What is its relationship with Processing? p5.js is both a library for JavaScript and a beginner-friendly editor where you can build creative computational projects in the browser. It can be used for art, data visualization, and websites alongside other tools like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

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40 responses to “1.1: Introduction – p5.js Tutorial”

  1. Apoorv Patne Avatar

    Don't ever stop these tutorials! You're a genius. 😀

  2. GamingNonstopTuber Avatar

    How can i use it on windows ?? :-/

  3. thinkbottom Avatar

    watch at 1.5 speed and live happily

  4. LowFat ChickenFat Avatar

    What's the difference between Python and p5?

  5. Sovannara Pov Avatar

    I can not find this application. It just shows the library download files. Please help!

  6. Aravind M Avatar

    p5 editor link please

  7. 100% sure Avatar

    who r the 28 mother**

  8. Sean Lamb Avatar

    is it just me or is there no sound on his earlier videos?

  9. Brandon Bahret Avatar

    Thanks for this video series. It helped me learn the basics of p5.js yesterday.

    Check out what I managed to make in my first day actually following along!

    I've watched your videos for a while but didn't actually follow along with the tutorials. Yesterday was the first time I actually used p5.

  10. Sonny Marinho Avatar

    Thanks for your video!

  11. R1S8K Avatar

    How to download and run this software I couldn't from the official p5.js website? It gives me 500kb folder??!

  12. Brijesh Kumar Avatar

    Well the only thing that I can say is, this is one of the most interesting topics to learn and the way you teach is more interesting than the topic itself.I have never learned anything in such a super fast speed.Thanks to you, sir. You made it possible.
    I created this in a week after i started watching your videos ==> http://kumarbrijesh.com/music/

  13. Ad Ram Avatar

    You're the best.

  14. Nombre Apellidos Avatar

    I like your videos but… This is not real Javascript you just type pre-built functions of p5

  15. Raunak Shrivastava Avatar

    i am a windows 10 user , downloaded the p5.zip file ! please provide me the further steps of installation. I am stuck with 2 .js files and one DS_STORE file !

  16. jithin varghese Avatar

    thanks to the best instructor I have ever seen..

  17. J Michael B Avatar

    Is Sublime Text similar to p5 or are they two completely different things???

  18. Harkamal Saran Avatar

    Hey @TheCodingTrain , where can I download the editor?

  19. JackPotGaming Avatar

    Java isn't quite my cup of tea (or java coffe, i guess), lua reigns above all.

  20. nexusbug Avatar

    I appreciate your service and contribution Daniel, thank you very much

  21. The97gtrs Avatar

    I don't want to download it, so I'm going to hit ok… seems legit.

  22. maikel pimentel Avatar

    How can I use a SVG shape(map) as a canvas? Thanks a lot!

  23. Aman Mahendroo Avatar

    so I don't need to learn p5.js if I can already code in JavaScript?

  24. Amina Khan Avatar

    Aahhh I love this guy, he's so funny xD

  25. Eroid Avatar

    Does anyone get an error message like so, http://imgur.com/a/z6FcB ? And does anyone know how to fix it?

  26. Slang Yung Avatar

    I wish I had this guy as a teacher/prof back in the day…

  27. Yeong Song Ren Avatar

    Hi, thank you for all your tutorials! 😀

    I have a problem running p5.js.
    I am using sublime text 3. My p5.js runs properly in my index.html file.
    But I cant do anything using p5.js in an external javascript file (the js file has all normal javascript codes run properly)

    Could you please suggest some mistakes I might have made in my files?

  28. SanCHEneering Avatar

    does anyone know how to load all files in one HTML file?

  29. dan thomas Avatar

    Are u Rachel Maddow's brother?

  30. Rishabh  Pincha Avatar

    How to download for ubuntu ?

  31. frea frea Avatar

    How to find p5.js please help me

  32. Scott Cardinali Avatar

    Dude, you are great. I absolutely love seeing things come into fruition instead of just seeing math problems being made with code.


  33. Random Bike Trips Avatar

    Thank you. You are amazing.

  34. Ahmet Özgür Avatar

    Normally i check always watch 30 sec. "Hm this is nice, lets put it in to my watch later list" And never watch :d I liked the teacher thanks for it i downloaded p5 and im trying to build something !! God bless

  35. Nicolas SCHWIRTZ Avatar

    Hi Dan thank you so much for being so interesting and funny ! Where have you been all my life ?! it took me 2 years to find you and now i can't stop watching all your videos !

  36. Saber Avatar

    Hi.. I see you use 0.5.0 in this video.. The newest version 0.6.2 shows way different code coloring.. And its much worse.. How do i change this to use your colors from 0.5.0? Example.. numbers for an ellipse will show in black and not orange like yours.

  37. rare Avatar

    after watching you i also started coding thanks so much

  38. Hershel's Sculpting Avatar

    is there a way to install this on Linux?

  39. Hazem Ahmed Avatar

    funny you inspired me to learn it and when I searched for tutorials turns out you made some back in the day. My luck!

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