1.1: Introduction to Session 1 – Intelligence and Learning

This video is the introduction to Session 1 of the ITP “Intelligence and Learning” course (

In Session 1, I cover graph system and search algorithms such as Binary Search Trees, Breadth-First Search, Depth-First Search, and A*.

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The Nature of Code Part 2 (Spring 2017) – Intelligence and Learning:
Nature of Code:
My Video on Prototypes:
My Video on Associative Arrays:
Breadth-First Search on Wikipedia:

Books and Papers:
Grokking Algorithms book:

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For an Intro to Programming using p5.js:

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24 responses to “1.1: Introduction to Session 1 – Intelligence and Learning”

  1. Adnan Junior Avatar

    perhaps the best Teacher on Youtube..Thanks SIR

  2. the motor city cobra Avatar

    Good video. Though it's 'etcetera' and not 'eccetera'.

  3. dawd jawhar Avatar

    please what is use programing ,its programing processing or no ,if no please telm my name programming thanks

  4. Douglas Ferreira Avatar

    Honestly? It is the best programming channel I ever seen on YouTube!

  5. Cécile Gry Avatar

    I'm in tenth grade rn, but I currently learn C++ and I just dropped on one of your coding challenge video and I was kind of amazed before so much passion and enthusiasm! I really love your videos and even tho I'm yet in high school I learn a lot of things with them and they make me wanna get to the oop part of my learning faster and faster (don't know if this sentence makes sense lmao I'm french). Anyway, keep up your teaching it's really helpful and great to watch 🙂

  6. Jon Avatar

    it's so cool when you laugh for no reason

  7. I am positive Avatar

    i am from Physics but i love to learn . But i love to learn programming and i will share this on my fb .
    i myself makes my videos on topic related to Phylosphy , Physics ,and other topics.

  8. I am positive Avatar

    i like your videos but i am new to programming can you help or anyone.

  9. Bhavesh Singh Avatar

    i never get bored watching ur videos ! u amazing man ! #respect

  10. Dhruv Mulye Avatar

    whens the next lecture coming up?

  11. Louis james Avatar

    Hey Dan! Hope you're well. How do you make this? https://vimeo.com/211758157 Cheers Louis 😛

  12. NotSo Random Avatar

    You should be a college professor

  13. Akshat giri Avatar

    Love that beard Dan.

  14. GotCubes Avatar

    Fun stuff! I remember building an algorithm in C last semester that used Dijkstra pathfinding to navigate between US cities.

  15. Adarsh Satyam Avatar

    I Love you start the ML and DL tutorial

  16. Lukasz Klejszta Avatar

    Hey, could you tell me can i somehow ignore translation in p5.js and take true coordinates from translated coordinates?

  17. Erick Zuniga Avatar

    I think this is the first time I comment on this channel and I've been subscribe for a year and I'm really impressed in how you made your videos I really like them.

    BTW I took this course a few years ago and it was short since the teacher we have back then was new on the topic.

    Greetings from Mexico

  18. BAM & PARTO Avatar

    You made me understand how programming works, and the only course that made me be interested and understand . I love your teaching style, I want to adopt some of it for my teaching as well. Thanks a lot !!

  19. Druskus Avatar

    This is awesome, im starting my career and im just learning all that things you are talking about, hope this videos help me review, even if i learned in C

  20. undefined Avatar

    Yes! I love the way you teach so looking forward to this series, I find all of the other courses on AI/ML very dry.

  21. lorenzM Avatar

    i miss the old outro

  22. Nola1222 Avatar

    What did you study?

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