1.1: Vectors – The Nature of Code

This video covers the topic vectors: What is a vector? How do vectors play a role in programming motion and physics simulation in Processing?


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20 responses to “1.1: Vectors – The Nature of Code”

  1. Ryac de Barros Avatar

    Hi dan sorry this comment isnt really relevant to this video but your newer stuff is great. What books can you recommend for genetic algorithms and AI that are really worth my money or any other general books that are related to the type of code that you write. Thanks for all your help

  2. Riley Christian Avatar

    I am only here for two reasons :
    1. My teacher couldn't explain to me clearly what the heck are vectors and more importantly why should we care about them.
    2. I love your videos it is so entertaining and fun to watch you explaining stuff in a simple way.


    You have made processing so much fun. The way you interact and explain stuff is mad crazy. I can't imagine processing without you.

  4. 殺伐 Avatar

    Did anyone else read it as Magshitude? or was that just me.

  5. Bob Sherlock Avatar

    I think Daniel is very good but also this is very useful

  6. zoilo garingan Avatar

    Sir can i have a decompiler for PVector just to see the content within the methods into it??

  7. BrokenRobot Games Avatar

    Typed Pvector explained into youtube. Found 1.6. Result? Missed my 2302 POLS class because vectors.

  8. Richie Kastl Avatar

    Thank you! I just made a code pen based on this video. I'm looking forward to learning more from you. http://codepen.io/RichieKastl/pen/NdmeOq

  9. Mike & Drea Avatar

    Am I the only one waiting for the circle to hit the corner?

  10. rachid mou Avatar

    good job you help me
    god help you

  11. Zanzara Loggan Avatar

    nice lesson! I am subscribing 😀

  12. Jelle Wever Avatar

    You are great, thanks so much.

  13. Kenji Miyashiro Avatar

    im kind of a noob on programming, if someone could respond x+= speedX; is equal to x = x + speedX;

  14. cybern9ne Avatar

    Just found this video series and I'm interested in using this with high school students. I just wanted to know if PVector() was actually a wrapper class for another java class or did someone code all the functions. For example, javafx has the Point2D class with all the same functions.

    I'm asking because I don't want the student to rely on external libraries.

  15. Jerry Mataragas Avatar

    Hello Daniel! I am an architect new to processing and I started by looking at the tutorials at the processing.org page (I've reached until the objects tutorial). Now I found this series of videos however, I saw that you take some things for granted like the bouncing ball code. Would you recommend going back to the processing.org page to finish these tutorials before wathcing your videos or should I carry on?

  16. lukas vojir Avatar

    Thank you Daniel!

  17. Christopher Akiki Avatar

    Who was that at the door?

  18. David Ainley Avatar

    Thanks Daniel, you do great great stuff! Nature of Code is one of my favorite programming books period!

  19. krishk1234 Avatar

    Thank you so much Daniel!

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