1.3: Forks and Pull Requests – Git and GitHub for Poets

In this third video of Git and GitHub for Poets, I cover the concept of forking and pull requests


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25 responses to “1.3: Forks and Pull Requests – Git and GitHub for Poets”

  1. Yevgeny Avatar

    Is fork the right method if let's say I want to clone someone's pre-configured boilerplate and use it as a foundation for my own project never merging back with the original source?

    ps. really nice combination of the green wall and the white board)

  2. vishal shetty Avatar

    What If I fork once and create pull requests many a times say 100's of times, is that valid? I have a case where I fork it once, and I get daily task , so daily I will be creating pull requests on same forked repo, is this correct way ?

  3. Kim Jong Un Avatar

    Oh my god! You are the fuckin best!
    Although my english is not the best (I speak brazilian portuguese), I finally could understand GitHub's mechanics. Thank you SOOOOO MUUUCCH!

  4. cwg Avatar

    You're videos are always interesting. Even when dancing to music. Even when refactoring. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. bharathpantala Avatar

    really super bro u..
    thank u verry much

  6. ์ •๋™ํ˜ธ Avatar

    I really really like your videos. They are very helpful and delightful! Thanks for your effort! Have a nice day ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Kush Bhagat Avatar

    git clone https://github.com/KushBhagat/Raninbow.git
    Cloning into 'Raninbow'…
    fatal: unable to access 'https://github.com/KushBhagat/Raninbow.git/': Failed to connect to github.com port 443: Timed out

    Getting this error can you please help ?

  8. Satwik relwani Avatar

    Your channel is addictive !

  9. Ntwari Joshua Avatar

    Shiffman ur the best. i like the humor

  10. Vincent Nguyen Avatar

    Finally someone gets it! Recycle is my favorite color but every time I tell people that they give me weird stares.

  11. eaglewitharifle Avatar

    Every time during the video when I had a question in my mind, you answered it. Thanks!

  12. Jaylan Snelson Avatar

    Prof. Shiffman, you are an odd one. But your explanation and energy is incredible! Thanks for this tutorial.

  13. John Mauney Avatar

    Thanks, I've been really practicing hard and having such a difficult time, and you made it all so clear to me — I believe I can now say that this video has finally helped me to master the Fork Dance.

    (the info about Github wasn't bad too ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  14. Jesse McElroy Avatar

    I like your style of teaching. Your actually very organized and you don't speed through concepts which makes things a lot easier to catch.

  15. csanchez505 Avatar

    Great video. I like your energy!

  16. Hosam Nima Avatar

    This series is really perfect

  17. Bruno Filgueiras Avatar

    lol man, you are sooo funny it is cool the way you give your lecturers being able to see you reactions it makes coding really relaxing, well done.

  18. Sipan Mohammed Avatar

    thank you very nice videos clear idea

  19. Shakiel Bloemetje Avatar

    Please don't stop these videos. I'm learner programmer and our lecture told us to learn GIT first because all code will be released on that. I already understand the fundamentals and bought a book as well. Please do Visual Basic videos?……Thank you so much

  20. newworldorder25 Avatar

    Its very difficult to follow

  21. Deekshith S.M Avatar

    Good One Bud .. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Pascal Zoleko Avatar

    From processing to git. just AWESOME tuts

  23. Jimbo Avatar

    I followed the github tutorial and it still made little sense to me. Thanks to these videos I actually understand it now!!! Amazing teacher. Would you be able to do a video on object orientated programming (any language, I guess, although I'd prefer C#) and inheritance etc? I find that subject particularly difficult. Thanks! Love your videos.

  24. Pranav Rana Avatar

    Daniel, I don't know what to say, but lets just say 'Informative'. You earned a Subscriber.

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