1.5: Acceleration – The Nature of Code

Chapter: 1

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11 responses to “1.5: Acceleration – The Nature of Code”

  1. Molly Kaplan Avatar

    Has anyone figured out how to accelerate with random Gaussian or Noise? Not quite sure where to put it. I tried
    acceleration = PVector.randomGaussian();
    acceleration = PVector.noise(location.x);
    acceleration = PVector.mult(noise(location.x));
    None of them are vector functions it turns out!
    If I make a new variable, what do I do with it?

  2. TWG Avatar

    Quality video as is the whole "Nature of Code" project. If I had a penny for every time Prof Shiffman says "and here's the thing" , I'd have about 37p . (UK currency). In fact, I've just awarded myself 37p from my piggy bank for that fascinating observation. Seriously though, keep up the good work.

  3. Juan Pedro Vallejo Avatar

    you´re incredible. but please, talk more slowly 😛

  4. BrokenRobot Games Avatar

    LOL, "You guys are good at this computer stuff", best comment ever.

  5. Al Berto Avatar

    Hi, i try an acceleration with perlin noise but the ball always run away slowly in the right side…is it normal?

  6. TheLordKraven Avatar

    arrays of balls hahahahaaha

  7. corey333p Avatar

    I'm having a hard time modeling Newtonian physics on a frame-by-frame basis. 😛

    Here's my story. I made a bouncing ball which loses some velocity upon bounce, falls due to gravity, rolls on the floor, and slows to a stop due to friction. I got it working, but not to my liking because it still thinks the velocity is non-zero when the ball actually seems still, and I can't quite figure that out. It converges to some positive number related to my factor of gravity. I assumed that this was because it was still adding gravity every frame, so the ball was apparently still moving minuscule amounts. I then started trying to nullify gravity when the ball was on the ground, but that is easier said than done since gravity applied is a factor of a constant (per frame), which doesn't work when gravity should only be applied for a period of time less than one frame. I also found similar issues with bouncing off the walls. In any case, there is a lot of math involved, so I think I will have to set aside the bouncing ball for now… I'm sure I'm making it way more difficult than it has to be…

  8. Daniel Ritchie Avatar

    I'm feeling kind of jealous. After years of bumbling to learn these things on me own through stupidly tripping over everything, somebody is just telling… Is that allowed?

  9. Tevaryan Thiagarajan Avatar

    Hey Dan! This is probably the best programming tutorial page ive come across! Thank you! Keep up the passion and the energy!

  10. said koçak Avatar

    this is really fasinating, and you are amazing Dan. Thanks a lot!

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