1.6: Cloning Repo and Push/Pull – Git and GitHub for Poets

In part 6 of the Git and GitHub for Poets tutorial series, I show you how to clone a repository created on the GitHub website in order to work on it locally, and then push the changes back to GitHub.

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33 responses to “1.6: Cloning Repo and Push/Pull – Git and GitHub for Poets”

  1. Khyati Mirani Avatar

    Hey, can you tell me the difference between clone and fork?

  2. Fhd Avatar

    You are awesome keep going. finally I found your vid.

  3. ali hussain Avatar

    ssh: Could not resolve hostname github.com:globalhealthenterprises: Name or service not known
    fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

    Please make sure you have the correct access rights
    and the repository exists.

  4. Josh Peterson Avatar

    "Ah, I'm in the Trash?!" Ahahahahaha – I started laughing super hard at that.

  5. Mohammad Kittani Avatar

    Great tutorial. But I have a question. If the repository have some sub-directories and I want only to pull from or push to a specific sub-directory only, how I can do it?

  6. Bluegorilla101 Avatar

    On my laptop I only have to enter 'git push' and I'm done.

  7. Dogus Ural Avatar

    you are so fucking annoying

  8. ivan almandoz Avatar

    vim has me nut till now… tanks u save me a lot of work….

  9. Gabriel Eze Avatar

    thanks for your git video series. it really helped me get started with using git/vcs.
    by the way, i would like to make videos like you. what tool (s), gears and software will i need? thanks and much appreciated!

  10. Toby Henderson Avatar

    I Git the the feeling you know what the Torah is… thanks bro!! Great video!! 🙂

  11. Ouadie Limouni Avatar

    Watching your videos @ 1.5x speed makes my day every day !

  12. Bobby Kumar Avatar

    i want to know how you debug when you get an error while pushing ! i was struck with the same error. Can you help me out ?

  13. Jim Barchuk Avatar

    Daniel, this vid doesn't have the usual 'next vid' link in the notes, that the prev vids did. This is a REALLY nice feature that the VAST majority of 'serial vids' publishers do not do, and is EXTREMELY useful rather than going back to the publisher's channel and searching through a few hundred similar filenames to find the exact right vid for this series.
    In this case it's less critical and I don't have to go channel scrounging because the 1.7 happens to be in the 'what's up next' in the right column of the screen. (I notice 1.7 is also missing the 'next', you might want to check further down the chain too.)
    As I said in other comments, I'm learning a LOT because although I know what many concepts are about there were a few specifics that I didn't know. For instance yours is the first one I've seen that CLEARLY states that the format of the push CL is git push repo branch. Rocket science? Of course not. Others, throwing the words origin and master into the conversation without saying clearly what they were was always unclear. Git is NOT intuitive, because words like push, pull, fetch and clone mean different things DEPENDING ON THE ORIGIN OF THE COMMAND!! I can be local, and do a pull, or I can be loggged in remote, and do a push, and the same thing happens. This is where the git docs are clear but include too many details too fast, without explaining the meaning behind the actions.

  14. Lionel Nkombe Avatar

    By the way, your tutorials are really amazing and very valuable. Thanks a lot for your work!!! Keep Going

  15. Lionel Nkombe Avatar

    Actually, I just pushed without origin and master and it was already set up on my remote github…

  16. Ryo Avatar

    really helpful 🙂 thank you so much!

  17. codingage new Avatar

    perfect! thank you teaching me as a online-master.

  18. Lemuel Lloren Avatar

    nice tutorial 🙂 big help!

  19. aya Avatar

    what about these error ?? remote: Empty password
    how can i solve that please 🙁

  20. THESocialJusticeWarrior Avatar

    stop wiping your nose… please

  21. Felipe Alvarez Avatar

    It's the less command, not the vim command. And only the letter 'q' is needed to quit it. When you want to make a commit, it might open vim in which case colon-w-q :wq will [W]rite and [Q]uit, then git will commit the changes.

  22. Felipe Alvarez Avatar

    i really like the backdrop, but the video could be improved with a little bit more preparation. Keep up the good work! I learned a lot.

  23. D bros Avatar

    Whts the F**** point of the GitHub application if you have to type in command lines? I've spent a lot of time on this and it's really annoying and overly complicated. I just want to upload quickly and easily.

  24. davvidess Avatar

    Well is it VIM? It seems to me that it is the Unix progam "less" 😀 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Less_(Unix)

  25. Shicheng Guo Avatar

    This video is awesome. how do you make the screen so close to the camera

  26. Paulo Ferreira Avatar

    Learning a lot 'bout GIT, thanks Schiffman!!

  27. oolong32 Avatar

    There are all kinds of places you can’t seem to get out of when working in the terminal. A very useful shortcut to remember is <cmd c> which will stop the current process running in the terminal/shell.

  28. Apurba Akash Avatar

    Hey Dan! Great tutorial! Could you also make one for Github Pages? Thanks in advance!

  29. Aníbal Gabriel M. V. Avatar

    Oh, Vim is not that bad :,(

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