10.1: Introduction to Chatbots – Programming with Text

This video is an introduction to a new topic in my Programming with Text playlist: Chatbots!

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37 responses to “10.1: Introduction to Chatbots – Programming with Text”

  1. Sarang S Avatar

    Thank you for taking into consideration my request.

  2. JUSTIN GREEN Avatar


  3. GamingButNotReally Avatar

    Wow! I watch your videos everyday and it just so happens that we are working on chat bots in my programming class! This was a nice surprise

  4. Kris Cincar Avatar

    This is awesome, i love to learn it…

  5. Mikolaj Zawada Avatar

    Keep your good work Sir I'm sure everyone enjoy your content es much as i do !!!!!

  6. Benjamin Ailloud Avatar

    Hi Daniel, on your previous video (the particle creation), I tried to do everything you did with the exact same code and "you wrote let particle = [] ; " but when i write it, an error message appears and i can't figure why. Do you have any idea why it does work for you and not for me ?
    I love your work !

  7. Isaac Leonard Avatar

    Will you talk about how to make a chat bot remember the conversation so it can have dynamic and person specific conversations?

  8. Druthi Polisetty Avatar

    This is so exciting 😀

  9. Bob Anubis Avatar

    Thank you for all your videos, they have helped out a lot

  10. TheWGBbroz Avatar

    *Wants to finish neural network series*
    *Starts chatbot series*
    10/10 lol

  11. ThunderTV Avatar

    I've been waiting! Yay

  12. Emily Lawrence Avatar

    I'm legitimately amazed. I was having a hard time with a recent breakup and I was trying to make a chatbot to help me cope with it. I couldn't figure it out, so I put the project on pause. The next day, my favorite coding channel makes a video announcing a new series on making chatbots. I know it's probably just a coincidence, but the crazily accurate timing is pretty scary to me.

  13. Kim Avatar

    Hey, I've made a Node.js IRC bot just today!

  14. Saksham Bakshi Avatar

    can u teach us hw to be as crazy as u are .. really love u sir

  15. Rackcity Avatar

    Thank you for disabling ads! They are driving me nuts

  16. Psylocke Avatar

    Thank you so much. Really, i could hug to you.

  17. Qasim Khan Avatar

    What's your name ?

  18. Lumify | Gil Avatar

    This will come in handy. I will have to code a chat box and since it's a new concept for me, this series will definitely assist me quite a lot.

  19. Samuel Pong Avatar

    Why aren't you a cs professor at NYU? Instead you teach arts?

  20. vignesh sivakumar Avatar

    I wanted more Neural networks 🙁

  21. Hector Espinoza Avatar

    This is the perfect series for me. I have been greatly intrested in chat bots just haven't had a good start with them. I want to make a bot that will auto reply and have a conversation based on the user. I have creative ideas on how i could specialize each conversation. Just need help with how to make it develop responses based on the meaning of a sentence or have an open conversation. P.S. Love your videos!!!

  22. Abraham Laria Avatar

    Dear Sir. I just discovered you yesterday. I'm an experienced computer science guy and I already know most of the topics you teach in your videos. However I'm watching them all just for the joy of seeing you teaching others. Your are the GREATEST PROFESSOR I have ever came across in my life. I wish I had you in my college years. THANK YOU!

  23. Zzaxh 我是 Avatar

    Hey i'm making an javascript api called c1s1 (http://c1s1.tk), it helps people make websocket applications.
    Features : Automatic pinging, handle closing, handle connecting, handle onconnect, handle packet receiving, handle being banned from server, kicked from server, identification.
    Im only 13, want to try to get this out there when I finish, any Ideas, and is there even a need for this?

    More Specific Details :
    C1S1 : Client 1 Server 1 (Client to Server, numbers stand for version);
    Client : Run in browser can work with server c1s1 or not, although some things like identification and ping may need to be addressed.
    Server : Responds to Client C1S1 or regular websocket handling
    Security : CCID, and IP tracking will be used to verify client although ccid (like uuid) needs to be updated. API kept secure from tampering by being in a function that needs to be called by main code.
    Purpose : Multi-user games, drawing boards, chat rooms, Multiplayer game handling
    Estimated Release Time : 2018, January 1st

  24. Shanzid Shaiham Avatar

    How often will you be uploading to this series?

  25. Kacper Ozieblowski Avatar

    I love your vids, keep them up

  26. Bhavya Thakur Avatar

    This was my least favorite lecture of yours till date.
    Was expecting a new API oriented lecture. Hope you make your next soon and on a better topic.

  27. Joey Dash Avatar

    This is awesome…..waiting to learn it

  28. Evandro Sestrem Avatar

    This serie will be legendary! By the way, very nice presentation!! 🙂

  29. Вадим Савин Avatar

    Hay man, what's about coding challange like: 2D car with genetic algoritm? Im sure this topic is really interesting

  30. The Miscellaneous Show Avatar

    The last thing to prepare for this chat bot is a strong AI. Better start gathering information from now on. Something more advanced than machine learning.

  31. Peary D Avatar

    Couldn't wait for this vid! Anyone else?

  32. Akshat Sharma Avatar

    Sir, I am learning Java and i wanted to learn Android simultaneously , please suggest me a particular site where i can Study

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