10.1: Introduction to Neural Networks – The Nature of Code

Welcome to Chapter 10 of The Nature of Code: Neural Networks.

In this video, I provide a brief introduction neural networks and an overview of topics in upcoming videos.

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This video is also part of session 4 of my Spring 2017 ITP “Intelligence and Learning” course (

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The Nature of Code:
Session 4 of Intelligence and Learning:
Perceptron on Wikipedia:
My Simple Artificial Neural Network JavaScript Library:

Books discussed in this video:
Tariq Rashid’s Make Your Own Neural Network:
Marvin Minsky’s Perceptrons:

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26 responses to “10.1: Introduction to Neural Networks – The Nature of Code”

  1. Cameron Bost Avatar

    Your teaching style is a phenomenal clusterfuck of candor and I love it; subscribed.

  2. Beck Bacon Avatar

    I just started this playlist, and hope you dive deeply on this subject

  3. Vitezslav Omelka Avatar

    dude, the fact that you have choose javascript over python gave you my attention

  4. Caio Fontes Avatar

    how dafuc are you 44?

  5. awais akbar Avatar

    Thank you, sir. Your lectures are easily understandable.

  6. awais akbar Avatar

    Which compiler did you use in this video for coding? Please tell me, I want to run some example on it

  7. Dolores Ipsum Avatar

    I want to use this on a twitter bot

  8. Suraj Mundalik Avatar

    Focus on explaining what you intend in the video title.

  9. Algeria Avatar

    hhh, u r realy crazy person, i love the way u handle thing randomly keep making the good stafs.
    1000000 <3 from me :p

  10. Henrik Buhl Avatar

    2 minute 40 seconds into the video and all ive learned is to get the book you recommend in the beginning. According to the comments it gets good later, ill hang in, maybe edit the video in the future. No offense intended, but i prefer videos to be straight to the point, if it says neural network, i hope you show something related to that within the first 20-30 seconds.

    Edit: It actually gets very good after 2:40 minutes, i suggest editing a bit, interesting stuff after, good work

  11. Ridhima Chopra Avatar

    Awwesome!!! Loved the video professor! 🙂

  12. Ritesh Dash Avatar

    Can you please tell me the name of the neural network book that you referred in the video?

  13. Oscar Moxon Avatar

    I love all your content, but this new (10) 'project' is going to be my FAVOURITE! I'M YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!! MAKE MORE VIDEOS!!!!!
    And I'd love to see you do it in Python and Java too it'd be excellent beyond compare.

  14. Jordan Shackelford Avatar

    YES this is the type of content I like to see. Machine learning is so interesting!

  15. AuX Official Avatar

    Is it possible to follow along your tutorials using another programming languange? I'm used to Java and C#

  16. Zawir Amin Avatar

    Apparently, u just gave me the simplest explanation for the ANN. Thanks man!

  17. rhysman0001 Avatar

    A guy making one in python quickly while explaining: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3l4qz76JhQ

  18. DerSpielerMabuse Avatar

    Ordered the book, really enjoying your videos, they are fantastic. Please keep them coming

  19. siddhant Gupta Avatar

    Best coding teacher here on youtube! Respect & stop roasting yourself you're way cool

  20. 112BALAGE112 Avatar

    It is such a relief to see something machine learning related not written in python.

  21. Hazem Huzayen Avatar

    oh my god you were a great person an awesome person and now since you're javascript to make a neural network you became my favorite person <3

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