10.1: Live Video and createCapture() – p5.js Tutorial

This video covers how to incorporate live video from a camera in your p5.js sketch.

p5.js code:


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14 responses to “10.1: Live Video and createCapture() – p5.js Tutorial”

  1. SuperJeevan999 Avatar

    Dan you are the reason why i'm alive

  2. Anonimousxz Avatar

    why "Uncaught ReferenceError: createCapture is not defined" on my IDE processing??

  3. pranav nandankar Avatar

    Hey how you run program

  4. Andy Agus Avatar

    Watching this when the pixel error has been fixed

  5. Mlle Lafortune Avatar

    Hmm, weird because I get an error when trying this example. CreateCapture is undefined.
    What am I getting wrong? I'm using Brackets with the latest p5 libs. Thanks for any help.

  6. Michael Martinsen Avatar

    Great video! One question. If I connect a usb web cam to my mac, can i use that instead of my front mac cam?

  7. Malvin Mejia Avatar

    Hi Dan did you ever link that other video where you show how to set up the sublime text editor?

  8. Gokhan Aydın Avatar

    Hi @Daniel Shiffman,
    I tried code in P5js but video screen was gray, video didn't come. Also the code you wrote in the processing3 is running. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WH31daSj4nc)

  9. Nitant Hirlekar Avatar

    Hi Daniel , Thank so much for such a Wonder full Course on Creative Coding ….. They are great Boost ….

    Although i am a newbie to P5.js i would like to know if its possible to allow user to upload images and use the image colour data to process that Image ?


  10. Hunar Ahmad Avatar

    as usual, amazing videos! huge thanks

  11. Yevhenii Herasymchuk Avatar

    Daniel, Can I send video object via socket.io and then draw it in the draw function at the another client?
    If it's true, it's just amazing eazy way to do video conference

  12. Setup Draw Avatar

    Hey! BTW, in my case (using p5 editor), video get displayed at "native" dimensions, even without the tint function if I don't set dimensions again in image(video, 0, 0, ___, _____).

  13. Lujun Weng Avatar

    why is there no video on my browser? is it because I open it through "file://" and you through "localhost", which means there is a web server set up?

  14. Ignacio Gattarelli Avatar

    oh man, i really appreciate your job. it's amazing!! well, can you make a video explaining how to make a video 3d in live? greetings from Argentina, man!!

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