10.3: An Array of Images – Processing Tutorial

Book: Learning Processing A Beginner’s Guide to Programming, Images,Animation, and Interaction

Chapter: 15

Official book website:


This video covers how to use an array of PImage objects.

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19 responses to “10.3: An Array of Images – Processing Tutorial”

  1. Steven Lee Avatar

    Hello! 0 value is black in image. 255 value is white in image. What about negative value? Like -1, -2 , -3 in image. What is the colour or what the negative values represent? Urgent. Thanks

  2. angry girl Avatar

    sir….i want to make image url array…instead of putting images in drawable forlder..plz help me..

  3. Lake Martin Avatar

    jump around to much with to much personal animation… to hard to follow

  4. Appu kumar Avatar

    i store body into array.if there are five different ball with number code is 1,2,3,4,5. i would like to search object from from array if i want to like search number 2 object then it search form array then remove that object from the array.if there are three 2 number then remove three body from array. my question is how can i search and remove multiple object at the same time. thanx

  5. Abe Poultridge Avatar

    Anyone have any luck finding the stickman example???????

  6. MixedBean Avatar

    this is super confusing.

  7. Maria V Avatar

    Nice Breeders t-shirt!

  8. Sergios Kishenia Avatar

    if i have to use 120 images as frames, do i need to add them 1 by 1 to the scetch???

  9. naman agarwal Avatar

    can u help me with the code of the stick animation in this video.

  10. Louis james Avatar

    Could you link the stickmen example please :):):) !!!

  11. Mohammed Sharukh Avatar

    I cant find it on github 馃檨

  12. Youcef Mahdadi Avatar

    as always no dislikes

  13. Nicola Federico Onnis Avatar

    Hi Daniel! I cant solve a really simple processing problem. Could you help me?

  14. Adam M Bader Avatar

    Evening Daniel, how do you create the animated stick men?

  15. Missi0n141 Avatar

    Daniel, i can't seem to locate this code in your Github…? it would be really helpful. Im getting constructor errors

  16. Joan Mart铆 Castell贸 Avatar

    Hi, have you uploaded the code examples? they are so interesting.
    Thanks for the tutorials

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