10 – Change & Rearrange WordPress Navigation Menu

Learn how to edit, change and rearrange your WordPress navigation menu.






4 responses to “10 – Change & Rearrange WordPress Navigation Menu”

  1. Vira Di Girolamo Avatar

    I want to start by saying I love your videos they are great and has helped us a great deal. I would like to know if it's possible to have different menus for different pages. I need another menu for the header since I have to make french menus. Please advice. Very much appreciated

  2. Jessica Facile Avatar

    How do I center Title to center of page and move navigation menu below title??? Can anyone help me? please!

  3. Prithee Be Careful Avatar

    My pages that I add don't show on the header bar. can't figure out why. I used the plus button like you did.

  4. Martin s Avatar

    How do you add the buttons to the menu when it is in moile view? They are not showing when i am in mobile view!

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