11.10: Computer Vision: Adding Lifespan to Blobs – Processing Tutorial

In this Computer Vision tutorial, I enhance the blob detection algorithm with blob “lifespan.” This allows me to track a specific blob even if the vision algorithm fails to detect the blob (or if it exits the window) for a brief moment.

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12 responses to “11.10: Computer Vision: Adding Lifespan to Blobs – Processing Tutorial”

  1. Helping Hand Avatar

    please make video on how to use openCV library and shape recognition.

  2. JuaN PablO Duran Bringhentti Avatar

    i need play one sound when passed my hand

  3. Dan F Avatar

    I have see all your videos on Computer Vision and did not see any thing on shape or letter recognition. Would you consider doing a tutorial on recognition or could you please point me in the direction of where I would find this information.

  4. Rafael Avatar

    Wouldn't this series be a nice one to implement machine learning?

  5. MAAZ Avatar

    your videos are the best, keep going! you could try to do something with the blob like moving the mouse or with a specific blob move start a countdown timer at take a picture from the webcam for example.

  6. John J1101 Avatar

    Daniel Shiffman, did you notice that your face was a blob?

  7. brandoblues Avatar

    i made it to the end. i have alot of thoughts, not really prudent to place them here, but thx. i learned alot, and not really about coding itself, but learning that with a processor, you can dissect the world around you. a great gift. ((and a great weapon)against no one but the mean aliens lol)
    great work my friend.

  8. Robert Coyle Avatar

    Yow! we bore down even more! Just like REAL code gets developed.

    Very few people code on the fly and pull it off. Even when you make mistakes, you explain them. .. which is as important as being correct in the first place. You are teaching people to code like no one else I have run into on YouTube.

    keep er up!

  9. Orange Juice Avatar

    Can you make tutorials on learning JS from scratch I really want to know. Great vids BTW

  10. Ilan Lakan Avatar

    you're amazing man I'm learning so much

  11. Unexpected Procrastination Avatar

    You need to reset the counter in case 1 and 2 as well.

  12. MrBrN197 Avatar

    Thank you for these videos Daniel Shiffman

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