11.10: Sound Visualization: Radial Graph – p5.js Sound Tutorial

In this short addition to the previous “p5.js Sound Tutorial” video, I graph the amplitude (volume) values of a song in as a radial (circular) graph, using trigonometry and polar coordinates

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p5.js sound library reference:
p5.getLevel function reference:
Kristian Pedersen’s this.dot song:
My video explaining Polar Coordinates:

Source Code for the Video Lessons:


For More Sound in p5.js videos:

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8 responses to “11.10: Sound Visualization: Radial Graph – p5.js Sound Tutorial”

  1. Tomagic Reiter Avatar

    Hi! Could tell me how to get the live musik from the System? So instead of a mp3 file the audiooutput of the soundcard. Sorry for the bad english…

  2. beard Avatar

    make fresh beats please

  3. TheAwesomeDudeGuy Avatar

    Please adjust your volume levels on your next vid 🙂

  4. Ben Akely Avatar

    could you do a rest API with PHP and Ajax?

  5. Adam Avatar

    Hey, I'm kinda new here 😡 Love your vids ^^ Could you do a programming video in C++? 🙂

  6. RemixProf Avatar

    This dot this dot this dot 🙂

  7. Everest Ev10 Avatar

    Daniel can i use p5js to make games for mobiles?I mean user can download it from appstore and play it on his mobile?

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