11 – Changing Tesseract Header Colors, Logo and Size

Change the header in Tesseract on WordPress. This includes inserting your logo, changing the colors and changing the Size.

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5 responses to “11 – Changing Tesseract Header Colors, Logo and Size”

  1. Sushi Everyday Avatar

    How do you change the font size of in the Menu? Like the "Home, About, Services"?

  2. Anthony Guerra Avatar

    Love your videos! just curious Tyler what if I didnt want a color? I would like to add a image instead is this possible? please let me know ! thanks.

  3. Diego Ignacio Avatar

    Hi tyler,

    Same as norbert, is there any way to have the logo in the middle of the header instead of the right?? and then then menu spread out across the header?

  4. Norbert Halász Avatar

    Hello Tyler,

    i really like your theme and it's perfectly working, altough i would like to have my header to be centered. Could you help, how is that possible please?

    Much appreciate and got your plugin already. 🙂

  5. Stuwie Avatar

    welcome back 🙂

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