12.1: Introduction to Node – WebSockets and p5.js Tutorial

In this first video, I discuss the all the pieces required to create a shared, collaborative drawing canvas with p5.js, node, and web sockets. I look at the basics of getting up and running with node.js.

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27 responses to “12.1: Introduction to Node – WebSockets and p5.js Tutorial”

  1. Peter Hayman Avatar

    so excited! just imagining having a single picture that heaps of people are editing at the same time!!! 😀

  2. Martin Dinev Avatar

    hey, I'm running on Windows and cd doesn't work for me!!

  3. f4tornado Avatar

    4:35 press the windows key and type cmd, then press enter.

  4. 8o8inSquares Avatar

    This guy is crazy.. I like him

  5. NERO Avatar

    should the pc server run 24/7 to cater all people using across the globe?

  6. NERO Avatar

    funniest geek hha

  7. Martin Ransome Avatar


  8. faisal taher Avatar

    no hate but it dose not work idk maybe it's win

  9. H.LEET Avatar

    well explained, thx for sharing

  10. Emre KAŞKAVAL Avatar

    helped me. Thank you ! 🙂

  11. Georgi Razsolkov Avatar

    Great! Glad i found this channel !

  12. Hugo Pereira Avatar

    You're just the best! Great work…really…great work!

  13. towseef nabi Avatar

    hi sir may i get link where you have worked on projects

  14. Zim O.E Avatar

    Your videos are amazing.

  15. Marcelo Pietragalla Avatar

    Hi Daniel!
    Is it possible to use some features of the processing lib inside the nodejs server code?
    I wonder if I could do some common physics processing in the server, for a game based in physics like a snooker game, and send back to all players only the result so the game develops equally in all players screens.. can I do that?

  16. Mohamed Tarek Avatar

    we need more tutorials about node.js
    you are awesome

  17. Reuben Zuidema Avatar

    Wow, I have never found learning coding so easy!
    Thank you so much!

  18. Hunar Avatar

    you are a hero

  19. Sharkou Avatar

    I love youuuuuu! 😀

  20. Ching Huang Avatar

    may be you can record cross domain video for guys ….thank you .

  21. Boonda P Avatar

    You, sir, are fucking awesome!

  22. Gabriel Rosario Avatar

    man you are awesome!!! True inspiration Keep up the good work

  23. msawired Avatar

    The sigh at 3:20 made me laugh out loud 🙂 This is a fantastic tutorial Daniel!

  24. Maximilian Hans Avatar

    you, sir, are a legend

  25. Rob Robinson Avatar

    awesome 🙂 thank you

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