12.1: What is the Kinect? – Kinect and Processing Tutorial

In this video I discuss how to get started working with the Microsoft Kinect in Processing using the Open Kinect for Processing library. I look at the different versions of the kinect — 1414, 1473, v1 vs v2, and discuss in basic terms how the kinect itself works. I discuss how the kinect works in the context of computer vision applications.

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36 responses to “12.1: What is the Kinect? – Kinect and Processing Tutorial”

  1. Pingas Khan Avatar

    [Freenect2DeviceImpl] failed to open Kinect v2 @1:18!

    This happens to me under Windows 10. I can use my Kinect just fine with the official SDK, but I can't for the life of me get this tutorial to work in 2017.

  2. sagar agrawal Avatar


  3. Helen Alexandra Avatar

    Hi Daniel, I am curious if there is a an open kinect for processing skeleton example for mac? Is it only for pc?

  4. Casey Scalf Avatar

    Has anyone figured out a good way to make the Kinect v2 a shorter cable? It is pretty long with a bunch of weird adapters. Would be handy for so many reasons to make it shorter and more universal.

    Anyone seen of, crafted, or heard of a better way?

  5. Seereen Noorwali Avatar

    can we have the code that you used to get these 4 images together? … thank you

  6. Alex Aranda Avatar

    does anyone know a way to reveal another image under what the kinect V2 sees?

  7. BranB0T Avatar

    Hey man awesome video great job, keep up the great work! I have become super interested in depth camera applications recently, I have a 1414 model and one of the v2. I'll have to take a look at your github I'll definately be looking through the rest of your videos. Writing a custom mocap application would be awesome.

  8. mrb34 Avatar

    Can anyone advise what hardware I need to connect the Kinect v2 to my macbook pro? The Kinect I bought appears to have the USB 3 Type-B connection, and all the adaptors I have found seem to be for P.C. only… Any help would be very much appreciated!

  9. Jessica Evans Avatar

    Is it possible to find an alternative to SimpleOpenNi? I've spent hours looking but I really want to find something I can use for motion capture data…

  10. Matthew Loewen Avatar

    Why us the kinect vs a webcam?

  11. Donato Avatar

    Hello!! where can I find processing and other programs for the management of the kinect? I use mac osx 10.7.5
    thank you

  12. Pranav Suresh Avatar

    Thank you so much! I could kickstart my final year project, thanks to you. God bless

  13. Rednesswahn Avatar

    So the new Kinect does it like radar. Those waves also travel (near) to the speed of light.

  14. Rafael Ski Fernandes de Carvalho Avatar

    Hi, i want to know if it is possible to use Depth information to erase background from the Registered Image from kinect v2.

  15. Sneha Sahu Avatar

    your vedios r soo gud …can u please explain the code ..for protonect …which is here https://github.com/OpenKinect/libfreenect2/blob/master/examples/Protonect.cpp

  16. Kumaresh Rajalingam Avatar

    You'r tutorials are Awesome please do for c# and app development also request 🙂

  17. Louise Robson Avatar

    Are there extra steps to installing the openkinect library other than doing it through the Processing software? When I run an example code I get an error: A library relies on native code that's not available.
    Or only works properly when the sketch is run as a 64-bit application.

  18. Samuel Lorette Avatar

    Hello Daniel. Thank you very much for all these very interesting videos.

    Do you also use the Kinect for the green background subtraction (I think this is called ChromaKey?).

  19. Quinn Waters Avatar

    these videos are so great!! thank you very much!!!!!!

  20. InsXghT Avatar

    Hi shiffman! how i do change color of getRawBodyTrack/getBodyTrackImage?

  21. outlinegorilla design Avatar

    hello there.
    is there a library for integration with Leapmotion ?
    thank you

  22. Wassermelone Avatar

    Hallo Daniel, thx for your Video. Can you tell me how can i see the Programm in SDK, which makes people-detection ?

  23. Felix Hsieh Avatar

    I came here because I'm wondering how Hawk-Eye in Tennis works.
    Looks like a good tutorial for dummy.

  24. Alex Ruiz Avatar

    Buenas tardes quiero molestar con una pregunta porque mi kinect 1473 no me funciona con processing como hago para que funcione, me puedes ayudar.

  25. mr. sloth Avatar

    You are awesome!

  26. Eleazar Herrera Avatar

    Thanks for the video Daniel! !How I can use this library on windows 8 and processing 3?

  27. Alex  Guerra Avatar

    I need help, my Kinect is 1473

  28. Jack Pot Avatar

    Hello everybody! I just bought a kinect 2 and an expresscard-usb3 adaptator to be able to plug it on my computer… So I went to download the drivers and now I realise that it's made only for Windows 8 and above! Does someone have been in the same situation and find a solution to install it on Windows 7? I realy don't want to upgrade my Window's version… Thanks!

  29. Ahti Nykänen Avatar

    Hi! I've been testing this library with the Kinect v1 and my Macbook, and it has worked well with it. However, as I got my Kinect v2 and the adapter for it, I can't seem to get it work. The code is fine but all I get is a black screen. The Kinect's Xbox light is not turning on. Is this a common problem or am I just missing something out? The Kinect should work okay and as far as I know, my Macbook does have USB3 ports. Thanks!

  30. Alexis Chavez Avatar

    If I have ubuntu linux, this library I can do? or do I have to install more. . I was trying and so far did not work

  31. Dana Cozzi Avatar

    Hi Daniel! How are you? I need to do a transforming mirror, and I will work with kinect 1473 and processing 2.2.1 . Specifically you would need to capture the skeleton of the user, any recommendations? I was told to try the library simple open ni , but when I test one of the examples (User) processing window just looks white , ie not shoot me error.

    PS: Sorry if this poorly expressed , use the translator because I do not speak English .

    From already thank you very much

  32. Jingxin Wang Avatar

    Hi,daniel, im going to buy a kinect now, and i guess mac will work with kinect v2 ? Because i have done some kinect hacking things with my mac before, will that influence the performance of the version 2 in the future?

  33. TheDoggyChannelVideo Avatar

    Daniel, i just bought the book "making things see" and with this video(s), and your super hard awesome work, im finally in on kinect's world…

    thanks a lot!!!

  34. sriraman vijay Avatar

    Hey Daniel ,
    Awesome videos . first of all i want to thank you for these tutorials . I am very new to kinect . i am using kinect v2 to make an air drum and finding it very difficult to use openni libraries . I am using Windows 10 and processing 3.0.1 . can you please help me with this ?? i would be really grateful to you

  35. Dhammika Samarasinghe Avatar

    Hey Daniel, I am new to kinect and I am using kinect 1414 model
    on windows 8 ,processing 3
    Every time I run open kinect for processing on windows 8
    Bellow error message is print out on console
    "64 windows
    There are no kinects, returning null
    Could not open camera: -12
    Failed to open camera subdevice or it is not disabled.Failed to open motor subddevice or it is not disabled.Failed to open audio subdevice or it is not disabled."

    Still my kinect 1414 is working on windows kinect Studio

  36. Faisal Ikhlaq Avatar

    After searching for almost a month with no use for Kinect V2 Tutorials that cover basics as i am totally new to Kinect development. I came upon this video and its for Java and i am working with C# and WPF. :/

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