13.8: Threads – Processing Tutorial

Book: Learning Processing A Beginner’s Guide to Programming, Images,Animation, and Interaction

Chapter: 18

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This video covers the basics of threads in Processing. This can be useful when making a request for data in the background while an animation continues.

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8 responses to “13.8: Threads – Processing Tutorial”

  1. Zailon Xwadastet Avatar

    yeah. what about processing physics for thousands of moving objects in a simulation? That requires quite a careful and deliberate approach to implementing threading, perhaps a more thorough tutorial would be helpful.

  2. yaya pr Avatar

    Wow, Your Awesome .I really like the way you teach. Really Thanks for the series and the example codes.

  3. Dhiraj gaud Avatar

    your channel is helping me in my project I want to know can you make a video on this pointer, returning a object, access local variable from one class method to another

  4. Artur Karlov Avatar

    So, I just finished watching this series of videos. Thank you so much, Mr. Shiffman for your hard work and dedication to education!

    Where would you suggest to go from here? I see that you have more videos on Processing for Nature of Code. Should I just jump to them, or is that more advanced stuff that I should save for when I am more comfortable with Processing and programming in general?

    Also, since here I am asking questions and stuff, is it possible to make a video game in Processing? I know it's kinda unrelated but still, something that I am really interested in, and Processing seems like an as good a tool as many out there. Has it been done? Or Processing crowd is more focused on artsy side of coding?

  5. Kenny L Avatar

    Hi Dan, it is a huge temptation to try to finish all your videos, but I am now much happier that your videos provide great help and encouragement and confidence to work on my own project in processing. Also, the processing forum is friendly and helpful.

    However, there is still an old and disastrous defeat in my mind on programming — reading documentation. newbie friendly Processing, large amount of simple examples, your wonderful video lessons and step by step instruction and fun style have warmly prepared me and sent me quite a long way on my own project journey in processing.

    That's why after a few days happy progress in my project, now I realized direct simple processing functions listed on processing.org seem not enough any more. I am in the position where I have to go down to documentations and search for functions useful to specific tasks, which is very 'scary' and seemingly 'fruitless and wasteful' of time based on my previous learning experience of reading python's documentations a year ago.

    I wonder it would be possible for you to make a short video on guiding newbies like me to go down to explore processing and java documentations for a specific function or usage, it can be as simple as functions for saving a float[][] into a file. it does not have to be in series, just a short video to help us kill the fear for exploring documentations.

    Thank you very much!

  6. Kenny L Avatar

    Hi Dan, I did receive some replies on my question of how to make a processing library as a newbie. People suggested to learn eclipse and I also looked into processing official guide of making library, however, it seems relatively advanced for a newbie. I wonder whether you could make a video on how to follow processing official guide of making a library. Or probably more attractively, building processing library inside processing, for details, please go to forum and search "what is a natural learning path to create a processing library as a newbie". (sorry, youtube does not allow to paste web link here??) Thanks a lot

  7. Simon Tewolde Avatar

    I can't wait to watch nature of code. Couldn't even go through this whole video

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