13 – Create Home Page With Tesseract on WordPress

Create a Home Page With Tesseract on WordPress using beaver builder.

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6 responses to “13 – Create Home Page With Tesseract on WordPress”

  1. dj stumpy Avatar

    Hi I got a syntax error 278 how do I fix as it's locked me from wordpress

  2. Ebarak Hossain Avatar

    Hey Tyler,
    Thanks a lot for the good job. Could you tell me why content blocks doNOT show any contents after adding the Text Editor? Any suggestion would be highly appreciated. Thanks again.

  3. iCristi Lion Avatar

    If you don't have the Visual block of the Text editor as I happened to find bugged you have to go to User > Edit profile then there is a box with disable visual when write text. It was unchecked for me but it still didn't work, anyhow what I've tried and worked is to check it, save profile then uncheck it and save again. I hope I helped you 😀

  4. Fullerton PRINTERY Avatar

    HI MR MOORE, I HAVE BEEN FOLLOWING AND USING YOUR CHANNEL FOR OVER 3 YEARS NOW, I HAVE ENCOUNTER A SMALL PROBLEM THAT I BEEN TRYING TO SOLVE FOR OVER 3 WEEKS NOW UNFORTUNATELY. I AM TRYING TO ADD YOAST SEO TO MY WORD PRESS HOWEVER WHEN EVER I TRY IT KEEP SAYING IT ALREADY EXIST.. previously i had it ( yoast) but to my knowledge i remove it and try messing around with a few different seo plugin but now i want to use yoast it says its already available when its clearly not showing up anywhere

  5. Hoogley Boogley Avatar

    I want to make the navigation bar fixed. How would I do that?

  6. smc1923 Avatar

    Really like your work! How would I make the top photo on the home page a slide show?

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