13 – Create Your Logo – 2016

Create a logo for your yourself or business on logomakr.

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6 responses to “13 – Create Your Logo – 2016”

  1. A Journey Like Never Before Avatar

    Thanks for helping me out. I created my website with the help of your tutorials. I don't want to leave a link down here but feel free to search for A Journey Like Never Before and that's mine!!

  2. Tracy Walker Avatar


  3. Skyler Dillman Avatar

    Excellent Course! I almost gave up on making my website before I watched these videos.

    Does anyone else not have the crop button in the bottom right on logomakr?

  4. tella Portella Avatar

    How would I upload my own custom logo and have it looking clean like an svg because mine is very pixelated. I use paint on my computer which already makes it very pixelated.Also when I put it in a free svg converter online it looks great but I cant save the file as a picture it saves as a link that I cant really do anything with.

  5. Jack In the Photo Box LLC Avatar

    Thanks Tyler! I love the fact you separated these videos making it so easy to find and use.

  6. Will Ketchen Avatar

    Mr. Moore. Thank you for your tutorials! I am going through your online 'class'. Currently, I am trying to upload our logo. The image is a png file and is sized appropriately. The image shows in the media library but after saving and publishing it will not show. Any help or insight into the matter would be appreciated! Best to you and thank you again.

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