15.2: What is NPM? – Twitter Bot Tutorial

This video covers the basics of npm (node package manager). What is node package manager? What are some basic commands like “init” and “install”? How do you use a Twitter package.

If you run into an issue with “access denied” you can try “sudo”, i.e. “sudo npm install twit –save”

All examples:


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25 responses to “15.2: What is NPM? – Twitter Bot Tutorial”

  1. Rafik ARIF Avatar

    you are the best … i love your way of explaining stuff … thank you

  2. Carlos Jimenez Avatar

    Awesome & gifted teacher! thank you for this video. Subscribed.

  3. Reuben Fernandes Avatar

    can u make a tutorial on discord bot

  4. MuzicFreakNumberOne Avatar

    wow just discovered your channel and I'm so impressed. I guess I've never seen anybody being so excited and motivated talking about coding. I could listen to you for hours and that's what I'll do 😀 You might be the best teacher on YT!

  5. Lona Fernandes Avatar

    i use this for my discord bot to

  6. yu Yun Avatar


  7. Dolores Ipsum Avatar

    Twit wasn't a funny word to me before I watched this video.

  8. Sean Dougan Avatar

    Bring back flappy-bird, become the meme you were born to be – the Bob Ross of devs.

  9. Index MCVII Avatar

    You're awesome! I hope you wouldn't stop making videos. 🙂

  10. SilverSurferFTW Avatar

    You are very good teacher thanks!

  11. Jimmy Gilbert Avatar

    wow! you rock simple and well explained!

  12. Mike Kaufmann Avatar

    How does npm knows in which package.json it should load 'twit'? Say if I have two projects with two different .json's. How can I select which project it should update with an another dependency? – Thanks for the tut's. <3

  13. Aditya Nelakonda Avatar

    a fantastic sequel to 15.1 What is Node.Js? . Superb

  14. Mark Jay Avatar

    im completely new to js and this is very helpful. thanks!

  15. Adam Avatar

    god, I wanted to take a brake from programming and learning but your videos are just too much fun! great job, keep it up!

  16. Ayan Banerjee Avatar

    Dan trying Kamehameha at 12:01

  17. Felipe Caballero Gil Avatar

    Great vid. Perhaps you could use a smaller font…

  18. abdullelah Fahad Avatar

    I really enjoyed this video .. you're a such talented teacher .. I love your simple explanation .. please keep going I like your work. we really appreciate your valuable efforts.

  19. my videos Avatar

    Can you make a video on cameras !

  20. Anthony Kutz Avatar

    I love your videos!! they are so fun and informative! thank you!!

  21. Korningaz Avatar

    for others trying this at the moment: version 8.1.0 of node has a bug that stops init when you would have to type in the version. kill the window and do this by hand

  22. Karthik Z Avatar

    nice simple explanation

  23. thegeekside Avatar


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