15.9: Amazon EC2 Deployment – Twitter Bot Tutorial

This video covers how to deploy your node.js bot to an Amazon EC2 instance.

Additional info and instructions: (Link coming soon!)

Full twitter bot playlist:

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Twit package:

Twitter API documentation:


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24 responses to “15.9: Amazon EC2 Deployment – Twitter Bot Tutorial”

  1. Mark Vador Avatar

    Very good job Daniel, i love the way you are teaching the hardest things… I'm french and i saw 30 of your videos within the week ! Awesome, usefull & hilarious… i'm your biggest fan !

  2. Kovaelin Avatar

    Very helpful! Would it be possible to do a similar step-by-step tutorial for Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud? Thank you! I'm trying to get this this work on the Cloud, which I've done using Cloud9, but I can't figure out how to do it somewhere else. https://github.com/reactiflux/discord-irc

  3. Федор Балашов Avatar

    Thanks for your tutorials, David!
    you "twitter-bot" series has influence me to make an alert system for my dog!
    The reason was of her loud barking when she stay at home alone during my worktime, and sometimes i've got complaints from my neighbours on this noise.
    so i made a processing app that send a tweet each time when sounds is too louds at my flat, and i get a twitter notifications on my phone about it, and then i call her on skype to calm her down.
    So this bot is very practically usefull for me,
    the only difference that i used a twitter4j library instead of node, but the app also runs on amazon server, cause my old netbook that i used for it, is too low spec to run processing without bugs, so i use it only for skype and sound broadcasting from home to server.


  4. mandy1339 Avatar

    For those who have not seen the tutorials on processing, This video will teach you about deploying an app to amazon. He just happens to be deploying a processing app.

  5. mandy1339 Avatar

    This is sooooo useful. I am so excited. Also, filezilla is a good alternative to cyberduck and is open source, in case you don't have cyberduck in your O.S. It has options to use a pem file to log in just google the steps.

  6. Julia Aguiar Avatar

    you're the BEST teacher i've ever found online

  7. AbodyRulez Avatar

    TBH I disliked the first video you created in this tutorial, you kept wasting time on useless basic info. However, your way of teaching is really catchy. Now that I finished your tutorial, I do apologize for the first wrong judgmental thought.
    Thank you so much and great job Daniel.

  8. Bipin Oli Avatar

    this video is a rare gem thank you for making this Sire

  9. Pini Ke Avatar

    Great tutorial!

  10. Hanko Storinho Avatar

    Great series, easy to follow and you cover lots of ground!

  11. NadavHFexor Avatar

    watching this a week before passover seder, just minding my own business. Suddenly 32:08 it's Chad Gadya time!

  12. taylor thomas Avatar

    Hi Daniel, love your tutorials! Thank you so much for your efforts!
    I do have one question, also for anyone else reading this, and its this:

    I'm trying to deploy an ec2 instance of my twitter bot which uses another processing sketch to manipulate images received via tweet and then tweet them back to the user.

    Everything works fine except I'm having trouble executing the 'cmd' in my bot. I'm able to download the file from user, and it even appears in my ubuntu amazon server, but I cannot run the processing executable :/

    " var cmd = 'subSort/subtleSorting';
    exec(cmd, processing); "

    Where 'subSort' is the folder and 'subtleSorting' is the executable.
    This simply is not executing and I'm not sure why. I've been at this road block all day, maybe its something so simple, haha, I hope..

    Any help is much appreciated and again, Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us 🙂

  13. Dan Haddock Avatar

    Could some one tell me why I need to deploy my bot to EC2? I thought it was all set up on the Heroku repo?

  14. Bogdan Pashchenko Avatar

    What do you think about using digital ocean instead of ec2 in general?

  15. Erdem Özveren Avatar

    I don't know to need ec2 but I watch because you

  16. Patrick Abraham Avatar

    Well explained.
    But I would have preferred SCP over SFTP, since it won't require an additional program and is an important and handy skill to have.

  17. Amador Designs Avatar

    nice I saw the whole 9 video tutorials. have learned a lot of things! wow.

  18. allegiance IF Avatar

    Can I export p5.js sketch as a linux executable … like it's done for processing sketch?

  19. Romain Palmero Avatar

    Amazing tutorials, fun and easy to understand, well explained ! Thank you Sir 😉

  20. kimeiga Avatar

    Will I be billed for uploading my process to EC2 as per this video? I know that many features of EC2 are free for 12 months, but will I receive anything in the mail for this 12 month time period?

  21. Jazz Lyles Avatar

    Hey Daniel! Incredibly useful info, it helped me get my chatbot up and running very easily. I didn't need worry about the fake display for that, but feel free to check it out so far. It's built with Node, Express, Pandorabots & Twit and deployed to Amazon EC2. https://twitter.com/goalbookTEACH

  22. Rogério Bastos Avatar

    Hey Daniel, excellent video, simple but at the same time very useful! Thanks!

  23. Juan2003gtr Avatar

    great channel my friend….the best channel I found on coding….excellent….have you always been this good for teaching?…you have some serious talent to explain tech things….

  24. ipewuazo Avatar

    I can't connect to the instance!! When I enter the $ ssh -i "____.pem" … the terminal returns:
    "port 22: Connection refused"
    can someone help me please?

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