18 – Install Beaver Builder – 2016

Learn how to install beaver builder one of the best plugins to design your website and create your pages.

Visit for the course.






7 responses to “18 – Install Beaver Builder – 2016”

  1. Vividouer Avatar

    I installed Beaver Builder and worked with in the past couple of days using Chrome. Now the plugin disappeared from the control panel. And I can't access my website from Chrome anymore. I can still access from Firefox, but I can't see the Plugin on the WP control panel. Anyone know what I can do to get it back? HELP!

  2. xWizard/x Avatar

    Is it possible to do it on the free version of wordpress as i cannot see that stuffs.

  3. Mark Nasri Avatar

    @2:04, we see menu(Home, About,,,) on the top left hand side of your video, BUT WE DO NOT HAVE IT ON MY SCREEN.

  4. CSS Hero Avatar

    Hey impressive video! How to get in touch with you? Cheers

  5. TeeHTravel Avatar

    Hey, why can you not use this builder on a category page? you only seem to be able to use this on a normal page.

  6. Ma rius Avatar

    something wrong on blog after instgaling breave builder "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in C:xampphtdocswordpresswp-contentthemesTESSERACTincbeaver-builder-modulesblogincludespost-list-compact.php on line 52" please help

  7. Sion Jeff Jones Avatar

    If i update beaver builder and Teserract theme? i wont lose any of my website will i? thank you!! you have helped me loads with your videos!

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