2.5: Regular Expressions: Back References – Programming with Text

In this short tutorial, I explain the concept of “back references” and explore how they are used to match the characters previously matched by capturing parentheses (groups) in a regular expression (regex).

This is the fifth video in a series on Regular Expressions, which is part of the “Programming from A to Z” course at ITP (

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4 responses to “2.5: Regular Expressions: Back References – Programming with Text”

  1. Brendon Ballantyne Avatar

    Still wide awake.. 5 videos in and it all still makes sense!

  2. dandyandy Avatar

    Hello Daniel! One question: can you use quantifiers with back references? This video series was just what I needed, thanks!

  3. Everest Ev10 Avatar

    Hi daniel ! I really need you to answer this question.I Just coded a game in p5.js and i want to transfer dhe game to a buyer.How can i do that???(i dont know php or html just js so..)

  4. Collin Rea Avatar

    Thanks for the videos Daniel! You have a great way of teaching these subjects that can get very complicated quickly… I like how you break it down in to smaller sections and build on it. :thumbs-up:

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