20 – Create Your About Page on Tesseract in WordPress – 2016

Create your about page on Tesseract in WordPress. This page can be about you or about your company.

Visit for the course.






6 responses to “20 – Create Your About Page on Tesseract in WordPress – 2016”

  1. Janesha Rai Avatar

    awesome vid dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Carlos Pujols Avatar

    I'm having troubles, Tyler. When I copy and paste a font from the Cardboard website and paste it into the headings bar under "Heading Settings" and save it, it shows up with the Helvetica font. Is there any way where I can change the font family in the "Heading Settings"? Also, isn't there supposed to be a styles tab? Please and thank you!

  3. AnDee H Avatar

    Thanks so much for the help Tyler. Just created my website/blog page. Have you got credits so I add to my thanks page?

  4. Stacey Renee Avatar

    Im curious to see real life examples from some of you that have made your site using this video. Can you drop your website name below?

  5. Nelly Nelson Avatar

    yea that full width just isnt happening

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