2015: What To Expect From CodeWithChris

Hello YouTubers,

I hope you’re excited for all of the upcoming content and tutorials!

In the video, I mentioned these links:
Swift Beginner Course:
Sparkle Course:


CodeWithChris is dedicated to teaching beginners and non-programmers all about building iOS apps. On the site, you’ll find a ton of free resources and tutorials to aid you on your journey to learn iOS development. Many people have successfully picked up Swift, Objective-C, Xcode and app building from my course and materials!

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13 responses to “2015: What To Expect From CodeWithChris”

  1. Frank McGuire Avatar

    Hi Chris,
    Your tutorials are REALLY helpful. Thanks for providing them to all of us.
    Can you make a tutorial on submitting an app to the Apple App Store using iTunes Connect and TestFlight? A thorough review of the -app-xml file and what assets need to be provided for the testing and final app submission would be fantastic. Apple has lots of documentation, but you explain things at just the right pace and watching the process on video is so much clearer.  THANKS!

  2. Luis Collazo Avatar

    This is great Chris! You have a real talent to teach! 

  3. DaFranchise3947 Avatar

    Are you going to do any tutorials on Sprite or how to program games?

  4. Ben Winters Avatar

    I really appreciate the production quality of your videos. Regarding the content, aside from explaining how to code, I would also like to hear the 'why' behind your decisions to use a certain function, class, app architecture, etc. This is equally important for us beginning developers and is lacking from most tutorials.

  5. Richard Agpaoa Avatar

    hi chris, are you going to add spritekit anytime soon on your website?'

  6. Jacob Jcob Avatar

    This is cool and I am excited. In my world there are two ways of learning about a programming language. One is showing what the code can do, or examples of code that you can learn from. CodewithChris demonstrates both well and I am very excited for the future of this channel. Thanks!

  7. Rick Vdl Avatar

    Would love to see progress videos (vlogs) keep it up!

  8. P Chen Avatar

    Hi Chris, I look forward to upcoming videos from you. I really love the way you teach, hands down you are the greatest! There are other tutorials on the net that are good but don't really cover much like you do. I really like the fact how you explain everything in the playground before implementing it into our project. Please don't ever change your technique of teaching, it is what makes you different. You are my mentor that I look up to! 

  9. Martin Malmgren Avatar

    Please do a tutorial of how to make a bit more complicated app, like a social media app etc. Thanks!

  10. CodeWithChris Avatar

    My YouTube channel plans for 2015 revealed!

  11. Dam Spiders Avatar

    great Chris, keep it up! I discovered your channel 2 days ago and I've managed to build the War game app. I think you explain things very well for total beginners. If I can suggest a video describing the syntax a little more, like when and where ( ) are needed. Also I keep getting confused as to what self. is referring to the code and when it is or isn't necessary . Thanks and great work!

  12. Ben Esposito Avatar

    Can you record and do live commentaries of you making apps? I also suggest not posting the videos until you are done and have copyrighted the app, so no ideas are stolen, and mentioning in the description of the code is open source or not. I believe that the best way of learning how to code is by taking a physical class with a teacher and other students in the same physical room, and the second best way is watching other people make apps, not so that you can copy them, but so you understand how stuff works, and why people do what they do. This is how I learned how to solve the Rubik's Cube at the age of 6 (not by watching tutorials, but by watching other people solve it). This is also how I have gotten good at sports and videogames, and I believe that coding won't be much different. I personally will start taking coding courses next year in highschool, because it is the first time that I will be able to take a class.

  13. Venkon VlogTube Avatar

    Make a menu like Facebook, please.

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