22 – Create Your Contact Page on Tesseract in WordPress – 2016

Create your contact page with Tesseract in WordPress. Get contact form 7 and have people contacting you in no time.

Visit for the course.






14 responses to “22 – Create Your Contact Page on Tesseract in WordPress – 2016”

  1. Lavert Drayton Avatar

    Amazing inspiration brother. Great help! building contact page for potential l clients right now!

  2. Amelia Blanco Avatar

    It seems the problem is with the Beaver Builder lite version plugin. When I deactivate it , the contact form works fine. I think I am deactivating the Beaver Builder, quite pricey for my liking, though not happy with all this.

  3. Amelia Blanco Avatar

    Hi, I have updated the word press to its latest version, and now the Contact Form7 does not work. I have been reading that it can be a conflict with the theme, it used to work fine, I am using WordPress 4.7.3 running the older TESSERACT theme. Any ideas??

  4. Ann Hartman Avatar

    Love your videos! Very helpful. Can you please tell me why I can't get rid of a red "Add Style" button above my contact form?

  5. trugangsta4real Avatar

    Under basic modules, there's no HEADING option for me

  6. trugangsta4real Avatar

    FYI For anyone wondering he's using BeaverBuilder to build this page

  7. Grow Stronger IL Avatar

    Hey tyler , can I use the image for my web ?

  8. Anni Bricca Falcon Avatar

    Adding the image in has been a nightmare for me. No matter what I do, it's not the right size, it won't fix, I even added blank space and there is no way to make the text fill in where it's supposed to. Please look at these things in your tutorial because it's not easy to figure out how to make that all work. I still cannot get it fixed.

  9. Justin Hughes Avatar

    Hi, thanks for the videos.. i have always been a big fan of contact form 7.. but just the other day found caldera forms (if your interested in trying it out.)
    So fast, really effective and so powerfull.


  10. Mighty YoungSir Avatar

    i know you're a great successor thats why i like your video before i watched it. link me the donation page

  11. Bálint Maródi Avatar

    How do I change the colour of the send button on the form?

  12. Le Grand Echerat Avatar

    Hi Tyler, The form guide tutorial is great, but i want to add a CAPTCHA code to the form but I am struggling to get one that works with your theme????

  13. nosacserena Avatar

    Where did you grab the google contact photo from??

  14. Shaban Salum Avatar

    thanx a lot brother nw juc dicide to learn from you hw to make website

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