25 Photoshop Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts You Probably Didn’t Know

Today I’m going to run through a bunch of handy tips to help you develop a faster workflow. A lot of us use Adobe Photoshop on a daily basis, but no matter how much of a veteran you are, you can always learn new little tips that will make you think “How did I not know this before!”. So today’s video is about 25 amazing Photoshop tips, tricks & shortcuts you probably didn’t know.

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38 responses to “25 Photoshop Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts You Probably Didn’t Know”

  1. Zack Chmeis Avatar

    "Number 7 will shock you" that was geniusssss hahahaha!

  2. artimachtpartyy Avatar

    Oh man, i finaly got it: You don't say "choco" everytime; you say "shortcode" ๐Ÿ˜€ was a bit confused

  3. Mashable Avatar

    Love it. I learned so much more. Didn't know these ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  4. Zakaria MANSOURI Avatar

    Excellent video! Keep it up!

  5. Hung Nguyen Manh Avatar

    Great video!
    but I'm using Windows 10 ;(

  6. Zollex Belfort Avatar

    What's that accent? Welsh or Irish? Helpful video tho! Thanks a lot

  7. Aline Schleger Avatar

    But… don't photoshop user ever read the freaking manual or at least shortcut cheat sheet in order to streamline their workflow???? (personally, when Adobe changed the "create clipping mask" shortcut it keeps throwing me off and creates a Group. aRh! CtrlZ

  8. TheLaTasher - Aye channel for you. Avatar

    If you press delete on a layer it will remove said layer.

  9. Yadira Hdez Avatar

    Awesome! Extremely entertaining (& useful) Chris! Great job! ใƒ„

  10. KoxPlays Avatar

    Ctrl + Z never worked for me in any Photoshop version

  11. bish2t Avatar

    Toggling through blend modes, a Mega time saver. Thanks SG ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. pagg97 Avatar

    i don't understand anything, fuck my chinese windows keyboard

  13. ScarletAddictions Avatar

    I wish I just had the knowledge of all Photoshop shortcuts in my head. It would make me so much better and faster at my job.

  14. Linda Smith Avatar

    Very nice video – helpful and entertaining – but wait there's more! A six pack ab to lure you here!

  15. Martine Ronsse Avatar

    great tut, would be the greatest if tempo of showing things was slowed down a bit. As English is not my language, it is sometimes difficult to follow

  16. Diego Avatar

    "Hey boss, what do you think of this design? mode" hahahah cracked me up

  17. SuperJBone Avatar

    I didn't know the cmd+Shift+z to keep going back through undo's! Hahaha. I'm a knob.

  18. 10thdrwhocompanion Avatar

    Found the file>scripts tip particularly useful :), always wondered if there was a way to do this, merge visible using the tab and drop-down menu will be useful

  19. iron and wood Avatar

    that was great. a few new ones for me.

  20. TurboJaques Avatar

    Excellent, now to get gud.

  21. RS Avatar

    CTRL/COMMAND – Z to undo " a mistake" … AMAZING
    Wished it worked in real life too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. Pixel & Bracket Avatar

    Nice video! Very entertaining as well.

  23. Enro Mendoza Avatar

    Is there a shortcut for moving objects to the center?

  24. G Pritiranjan Das Avatar

    Great man! You made learning fun. Keep it going.

  25. Jill Chapman Avatar

    Such a useful video, not necessarily because I need the shortcuts but because I often do things by accident and I've never know what I've done. Turns out Caps Lock and Tab are the culprits!

  26. Mostafa Akbari Avatar

    I know what ctrl+z do, but I didn't know what those chicks where doing there!

  27. _sygo Avatar

    that was really useful! you should do one for illustrator aswell

  28. Andyesque Avatar

    I'm a professional designer and I still pick up little tricks from your videos. Good stuff man!

  29. jordanxbrookes Avatar

    Not only was this entertaining but I also learned a few new things. Great job Chris! ๐Ÿ˜€

  30. overTIMe Avatar

    Doing informative photoshop tutorials is difficult. Making entertaining and genuinly funny videos in aswell is even more rare on Youtube these days.
    You've managed to perfect it!

  31. Raddy Avatar

    I am surprised that I know most of them

  32. Blake Thornley Avatar

    Entertaining AND educational. Ctrl+Z was a revelation.

  33. Heavny Avatar

    really helpful, thanks a lot!!!!

  34. ReborN Visual Ministry Avatar

    I'm just waiting for the command/ctrl + C guy to comment…

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