26 – Create a WordPress Website Summary – 2016

Summary of the create a website course so it says in your memory forever.

Visit for fun.






5 responses to “26 – Create a WordPress Website Summary – 2016”

  1. Ashley Aylsworth Avatar

    Thanks so much Tyler!!!!

  2. Sadaf Javid Avatar

    Dear Mr. Tyler, How to add multiple headers in Vantage?

  3. Peter Rose Avatar

    Hi Tyler, do you offer a paid or free course to show how to monetize (affiliate/ads/adsense/cpa/ecomm etc) for a wordpress blog/site?

  4. NYC Studio Avatar

    Tyler, when header and footer will be transparent in all pages of site?

  5. Douglas Holman Avatar

    Tyler I have a simple question. When viewing your "mobile friendly" tab, I was wondering what was being done when you brought up a screen to replicate the screen size of a phone or tablet? In other words how do I manipulate the computer to come up with that size so that I can place the screen (of the mobile phone size) over the full size screen (computer size). I realize that this is probably easy, but not knowing what to do it is making a stumbling block for me. If any one else has an answer for me I will gladly take it! Thanks!

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