3.1: Flow (setup and draw) – Processing Tutorial

This video covers the “flow” of a Processing sketch implemented via the setup() and draw() functions.

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27 responses to “3.1: Flow (setup and draw) – Processing Tutorial”

  1. Ishida AnimaGames Avatar

    Thank You Very Much <3

  2. Michael Pate Avatar

    I'm starting out by following along with these videos, I'm guessing for now (as of my watching this video), it's not important what void means, but it's important to get into the habit of writing neat blocks of code?

  3. Oscar Moxon Avatar

    How could you use this syntax on Repl.it ?

  4. La Hai Avatar

    No ads so that I can click?

  5. The Shroud Avatar

    Is there any reason to follow this Processing series over the P5 series? I've watched deep into the P5 vids and the Processing series seems to be heading exactly the same way… even the code seems to be exactly the same :S CONFUSED

  6. Silas Eriksen Avatar

    Is there a difference between writing some code and writing some code in the setup function?

  7. Pandamoaneeum Avatar

    I watch these on x2 speed. This is Robot Gold.

  8. Gerard Calvet Avatar

    You didn't cut the videos in the end…
    PS: Your channel is awesome

  9. Rhiannon Jacklyn Avatar

    fuck me up on code! lol this guy is awesome

  10. iCouch Avatar

    I have honestly never seen a programming tutor on YouTube with as much passion as you. Definitely subscribing.

  11. GoofyMemes Avatar










  12. Rafael Silva Avatar

    Really, there's no need in cutting those parts
    They bring a lot to the lesson
    I'm so loving these!, thank you

  13. Dániel Markó Avatar

    Why do we use void here, and why do we use function at p5.js?
    Also size (x,y) instead of createCanvas(x,y)…
    Why do these programmes use different dialects of the JavaScript language?

  14. chalagif34 Avatar

    Great vids, Thx for all your advises and others vids. U give me the motivation I needed. Here is my quick example as a non developper guys :

  15. changil_Choi Avatar

    Thank you Daniel, you really teach easily. Thanks for your power, i have really short english , but i can start processing and understand about setup and draw~!

  16. Tyk HeadBash Avatar

    Thanks a lot for these videos. Just started to take a basic computing sciences course in High School and you were my teachers resource of choice, and his trust was well founded. Thanks for all the help.

  17. Thomas Heaven Avatar

    I'm into microcontroller programming (amateur) and I want to be able to make a GUI for Arduino (Oled.) I know how to make a library in C language from scratch and link it ect but i have no idea how to make a GUI library with Arduino for my Oled. Do i make it with C++ because i saw the extension is .cpp for example and can i use processing for the GUI? I appreciate your input guys as I'm a bit lost.

  18. Maria De Lourdes Garcia De La Hidalga Avatar

    This has been soo helpful, thanks! I am stuck now on trying to change the color of the background without deleting whatever I already have on the screen, what would you recommend?

  19. 張家齊 Avatar

    I am Chang Chia Chi, from Taiwan. I really like your tutorials! At the first time I saw your video on Processing.org, I felt your passion of programming, and I realized that coding and Processing were amazing after watching your video,I major in Interaction Design.These are really helpful and fun! It is really kind of you for making these videos. really like your style:))Thank You so much.

  20. Player Name Avatar

    Best teaching style for programming. Been self teaching(Books, youtube, Google 😛 ) for a few years now, And I'm still a noob. But your videos are the best I've found. Your personality is perfect for this. Thank you for your hard work, It's greatly appreciated.

  21. Simon Asp Avatar

    Is this recorded at a low frame rate to save space? Just curious

  22. Shradhan Kumar Avatar

    Your tutorials are good. I wanted to interface processing with markers to build up augmented reality shapes in real time. How can I do that?

  23. Ilya Kolesnikov Avatar

    This is f_king awsome course! I don't speak English well, but I understand lections. And the general thing – it's not boring& Thank you

  24. Rahul Kumar Verma Avatar

    How to implement the Effect of Wind exerted on any object?

  25. Rahul Kumar Verma Avatar

    Hey Daniel, I want to simulate the behavior of a Cantilever beam hinged at one end and some external force is applied on it. I want to see the oscillation of the beam in that scenario.

  26. ElectronicWizard Avatar

    Processing 3 will not run on my new windows 8.1 computer. Do you know why? As soon as I click onto the .exe icon the program closes a second later.

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