3Ds Max Tutorial – 1 – Introduction to the Interface

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35 responses to “3Ds Max Tutorial – 1 – Introduction to the Interface”

  1. Anthony Quigley Avatar

    hey man its called 3d "S" max, not 3d's max. the s is for studio as it used to be called "3d studio max"

  2. Mushkbez Tutorial Avatar


    watch this video
    and subscribed my channel please :}

  3. Alan joy Avatar

    great tutorial for a beginner … like me

  4. Andrew Schatz Avatar

    The shortcuts Q and W are assuming you're using a QWERTY keyboard. On your keyboard, the letters in QWERTY are all in a line of each other on the left side. By selecting Q, you're going to the first button in that toolbar, W selects the next item, and so on. For some reason T isn't the used though.

  5. Eva2310blabla Avatar

    3DS is´t very precise programe ? Or am I wrong ? For example, when I wanna move an object?

  6. Hamid Siddique Avatar

    Boss i need your HELP
    i am new User of Blender,
    But i am confuse what is the BEST Software
    3Ds Max Or Blender, PLEASE Tell me what is the Professional Application

  7. Meihesh Adv. Avatar

    Sir, you are great 🙂

  8. Yofadhli Ahmed Kahirawan Avatar

    "click a butt and bunt…"

  9. Owen Smith Avatar

    Wholly shit, to be honest when he made the 1st 3D box I was blown away

  10. Enkii Muto Avatar

    Sometimes when rotating, I can't rotate on a specific angle and it doesn't seem toggled to anything, what could be happening?

  11. Mohamad hasan Ehsani Avatar

    Download any software tutorial in telegram @share4pros

  12. Jerry wong Avatar

    sir,how can i get the default interface which i first time open my max? thanks

  13. CookieFox Gaming Avatar

    this sounds complicated

  14. aetgdq 555 Avatar

    what program you using to record these videos?

  15. paresh bodar Avatar

    really helpful to me your tutorials sir… thanks a lottt

  16. Felony Avatar

    can an I3 2100 run 3ds max decently? PS I'm in the midst of upgrading to an i5 6500 to match my gtx 1060

  17. Joe Tindall Avatar

    How do you get the xyz cross bar thing to show up in viewport? I noticed you can select the axis you want to move the object across but cannot see the axis bars like in your tutorial? Please help

  18. Stephan Vebrian Avatar

    hey can u gimme some solution for my problem dude ?

    after installation, i directly open the program and the UI is sometimes the icon/title that getting bigger without reason, and the icon on the top (new scene, favorites,etc) is just white transparent, help me dude

  19. Aman Chauhan Avatar

    i facing a problem pls take me out. m using 3d max 2013 . my ucs icon ( xyz )is not coming in colour. pls help me

  20. Lucas Prieto Avatar

    does it matterthat its an old tutorial and that there are many newer versions out someone reply

  21. Rex Art Avatar

    What's the difference between "Maya" and "3Ds Max"

  22. kyoat Bites Avatar

    guess what troll face …thats why its for beginners DUUUUUH!

  23. Shafiq Khan Avatar

    vai ei software to kon jaiga theke collect korbo?? eta ki internet theke download kora jabe? arekta question hocche, ei software er jonno pc requiremetns gulo ektu bolben plsss

  24. lavie laav Avatar

    thank you so much for making it so simple ….was literally struggling to understand…u made it so easy….

  25. Dipak Solanki Avatar

    3Ds Max Tutorial for Beginners of traning like this

  26. msbutterfly714 Avatar

    HAH this looks like what I use in Second Life to build with so many of the same who would have thunk?

  27. Troll Face Avatar

    ''This is called a 'MENU' …. This is called a 'TOOLBAR' ….. duuuuh !

  28. dwarfer777 Avatar

    "hopefully the first of many" oh yes, because with you being human you'd prefer hits rather us figuring it out ourself

  29. Rafi Hiraishin Avatar

    i dont see the viewport,i am using autodesk 3ds max 2015…plz suggest me how to bring the viewport option.

  30. Mountain Jew Avatar

    Excellent tutorial dude! You're way of explaining concepts is so clear and simple, so much better than my school tutor

  31. Ayomide Fagbohungbe Avatar

    Bucky, TheNewBoston is by far the best tutorial related channel on youtube. +10000000000000000.

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