3Ds Max Tutorial – 12 – Shapes and Splines

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30 responses to “3Ds Max Tutorial – 12 – Shapes and Splines”

  1. The Rcnut92 Avatar

    How do you make 2d shapes 3d?

  2. Tony Ganner Avatar

    Selecting the Line tool exits Edit Mode. You must have used a hotkey you didn't tell us about, to draw a new line, while still in Edit mode, right? Well I can live without that feature for now.. I can always just have the object selected, and disable that Create New Object tickbox, to get the same result; your tutorials have been excellent so far, and this was only your first slip up! 😛

  3. Aquarellina Avatar

    at 5.02, when I click on the vertex and start to start drawing those additional lines, it wouldn't let me, as if the line tool is not selected (because it's not) but how did you manage to continue drawing after clicking on "vertex"

  4. Anu Rajendran Avatar


  5. Петър Петров Avatar

    why jou did not just captured at full HD instead of fighting with your zooming feature? 😀

  6. juan Camilo Garcia Avatar

    Hello, when i select line in 3dsmax 2017, it does not curve when i drag, it just keeps giving me a stright line, please help! thanks

  7. Yuri Savopulo Avatar

    at 3:25 i see that "start new Shape" checkBox is not selected
    but when you draw a circle after a star u got 2 different independent shapes. how?

  8. Karl Hans Avatar

    My lines aren't being created flat but in 3D shape all over the place, I want flat 2D lines, how can I do this?

  9. Alper Bayram Avatar

    Hey, when i click and drag, spline doesn't have curves, doesnt drag. it just waits for my next click and makes a straight line again. how do i fix that?

  10. Francisco Villa Avatar

    How can I to activate the magnetics point? (Helps) Endpoint, Midpoint, Quadrant etc ? Please. !

  11. Mouse Trap Avatar

    well that was embarrassing. I didnt know you can drag it

  12. Marissa Biggs Avatar

    Mine will only create shapes in the top and perspective views. Why can't I create a shape in the left view?

  13. Paulina Głód Avatar

    How you make two separated shapes with unselected [Start New Shape]???

  14. Cornelious Stradivarius Avatar

    For some reason when selecting the object to add a new line it wasnt bringing up all the other options like Geometry. I DID convert the object to Editable Spline by right clicking it and selecting that option like the tutorial showed but for some reason when adding the line I had to select the option to turn the Star to Editable Spline again. very weird but a minor glitch I think. hope it helps anyone else with this problem. NOTE: I am using 2010 version. Still an awesome tutorial

  15. Carlos Echeverry Avatar

    Very good tutorials, thanks

  16. Ahmed Alaa Avatar

    fuck your screen recorder that shut off for everything :

  17. HikikomoriGamer Avatar

    Fantastic! Thank you very much!

  18. Seminole Tech Tube Avatar

    I used the render effect on the line and created walls on the line & tubes on the segment. Came back and did a boolean on it and created window & door openings. This makes architectural sketching with single spline really fast…Great video!!!

  19. Luiz Barros Avatar

    My Spline isn't creating a new color shape with the "Start New Shape" cheked, neither creating a curve bezier point when dragging with mouse.

  20. Niels Hoogeveen Avatar

    Please help me! I have a problem, I have drawn two seperate lines, but they need to be connected to make it a face (to extrude for example). How do I connect or weld these lines precisely? Thanks in advance!

  21. amany mostafa Avatar

    best 3ds max tutorials on youtube 🙂 thank u ^_^

  22. misslechateau Avatar

    Your screen recorder is perfect. Thank you for your awesome tutorial!

  23. Long Le Avatar

    Sucks to be us!

  24. Sum0fNothing Avatar

    You should get a new screen recorder -.-

  25. Elena Lenkova Avatar

    For me, it didn't work when I tried to drag – it just did some more points. The solution for that is to go into the "Drag Type" option and set it to "Bezier"!

  26. benmitchelmore96 Avatar

    Cant you change the hot keys for your screen recorder?

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