3Ds Max Tutorial – 14 – Editable Polygons

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46 responses to “3Ds Max Tutorial – 14 – Editable Polygons”

  1. roofi imam Avatar

    Thank you very much

  2. Phoenix Racing Avatar

    Awesome tutorials man, very helpful and very concise… Bam sub +1
    I think you need a new video capture program though lol Would save you hours explaining that you can't right click 😉

  3. EasternEuropean86 Avatar

    I enjoy your tutorials boston, but what i am seriously missing, is that you often dont explain "why we are doing this?"

    For example you convert object to polygon , instead mesh, and dont explain reason. Whats the difference? Why we should use this option, not another? What goals or new capabilities it gives?

  4. B Rite Avatar

    Kinda looks like the moon from Majora's Mask. c:

  5. 楊漢軒 Avatar

    clear and fast! good! thanks!

  6. balanceric Avatar

    I just wanted to say thank you. I have been following all of your tutorials and they are SO helpful. Cheers 🙂

  7. Anna Collins Avatar

    Thank you for making your tutorial so easy to follow.

  8. Eirik Fjellberg Avatar

    Thanks for great videos!

  9. Danielle Nguyen Avatar

    Thanks so much teacher 😀

  10. Georgiana Petu Avatar

    Your tutorials are really helpfull. I've been watching since the first one and I'll keep going until the final 22nd tutorial. Thank you for sharing with us!

  11. Cornelious Stradivarius Avatar

    Why are people moaning about higher res vids? this isnt a scene from a Sci-fi film. 360 is enough can see everything very clearly

  12. Flight Engineer Avatar

    Pause, Subscribe, and Go on….!!! (Y)

  13. UndertronicalRecords Avatar

    This dude explains so well and its funny too…"That is a professional looking…" lol

  14. Gino Aldewereld Avatar

    He aint no cyclops xD I laughed

  15. Bilibiliy Xu Avatar

    Quite a good jet linear! 😀 Thank you on the tutorial!

  16. Kyle Towns Avatar

    Instead of having to bother with right-clicking, add a edit poly/mesh/spline modifier.

  17. Ariel Soriano Avatar

    Man, I have problems with the shadows of the figures, how can I fix this?

  18. dony tiara Avatar

    select backfacing is default because, it's usefull if you want to make flat models, say like rooftops, umbrella you name it 😀 hope it helps

  19. john coe Avatar

    yes make it as ur cover an dont forget to let them know how  long u been doin it lol great tutorial

  20. Arvid Theodorus Avatar

    "It looks like jack'o latern, but Hey?! Whatev.." 
    I love the way you say "but hey.." 
    Made my day XD

  21. PilatusPorterPC6 Avatar

    I wish all tutorials were even close to this good! Thank you so much : )

  22. saltedpretzelsnmilk Avatar

    I LOVE your tutorials. Thank you so so much for all the help!

  23. RitchardKnight Avatar


  24. Melrose Brémond Avatar

    Ur tutorials man are just great, f*** ur right click, its a detail.
    Keep doing more if you can, we're all THANKFULL to you for sharing your knowledge.

  25. 4k3el Avatar

    does 3D max word in millimetres?

  26. Vulcan88 Avatar

    i've made a monster…

  27. Yosa Yi Avatar

    OMG I'm going mental, when I saw the title to this I thought it said edible polygons, I was like of is it one of those food printers they mentioned LOL, derp derp derp 😀

  28. Deborah Shaw Avatar

    I think you are incredibly good at teaching the moves and also are able to break down everything in one cohesive whole.

  29. Batfan1939 Avatar

    Editable poly is an "upgrade/update" of an editable mesh. The mesh option is in there mostly for backwards compatibility purposes (according to my 3d Modelling teacher).

  30. GrandSl amDunk Avatar

    Im putting this shit on my resume too dawg

  31. limacarlos1013 Avatar

    edible polygons yummmm.

  32. WongsNoodlez Avatar

    4:09 "porning toward you"
    we all know what he's thinking about

  33. Terry hier Avatar

    Thanks but i got a problem?how did you pull it up

  34. ahmad1133 Avatar

    thx for all the tutorials

  35. Sun Kwon Avatar

    Thanks! You are a wonderful teacher!!

  36. Heeema 99 Avatar

    really thank you
    i will try it now !
    it looks easy 🙂

  37. Arek Keshishian Avatar

    Thank you for the reply, I believe that's one thing 🙂

  38. PeTer061991 Avatar

    Scariest face ever. I won't sleep tonight.

  39. Paul Deasy Avatar

    handy note: If you go to your perspective viewport and hit F4 you'll get your usual view but with the wire frame around it as well, which helps alot when modelling

  40. Arek Keshishian Avatar

    I'm sorry if it was easy to get and I didn't get it, but so what's exactly the difference between "converting to an editable mesh" and "converting to an editable poly" ?

  41. MrBigolnuts Avatar

    Thanks, very well explained.

  42. unitedlegoking Avatar

    im learning and having fun! you are awesome!

  43. pyrofxk Avatar

    I made a boob 🙂

  44. iFly Avatar

    How do I delete one or two polygons without deleting the whole object?

  45. André Eklund Avatar

    Tested that, didn't work for me on 2013 edition

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