4.2: ArrayLists in Processing – The Nature of Code

This video shows how to use an ArrayList for creating a Particle System.

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14 responses to “4.2: ArrayLists in Processing – The Nature of Code”

  1. ScamRev Avatar

    Wish I could find out how to get past the get(0) to the values of the objects. Without 50 lines of code

  2. Tarkus Avatar

    I don't think I fully understood the .get() method.
    When you write

    Particle p = particles.get(4);

    it means you're declaring a copy of the 5th particle and you're naming the copy "p", right?
    so with p.update() you're updating the copy, not the array itself, right?

    what am I missing here?

  3. ginga2122 Avatar

    Thank you so much!

  4. dhruv gaur Avatar

    I want to see you without beard.

  5. Zebsy Avatar

    Good fun watch, thanks. Is this Java ? chrz

  6. newgame Avatar

    this is really awesome!

  7. Gorazd Rosbach Avatar

    Hi Daniel! First of all, thank you for your everything, giving to us! I really enjoy watching you, explaining things to us with such an enthusiasm! Second, I have a question. In your example, you use particles.add(new Particle()); which in my case does not work. I had to use particles.add(new Particle(new PVector(width/2, 20))); like in the example with only one particle. I'm using Processing 3. Regards!

  8. Luca Avatar

    In the beginning you wrote Particle [] particle = new Particel [100];

  9. Pratyush Raman Avatar

    Also, in the description, the link for github location is outdated, you have used a 0 prefix in the new folder structure. Please update the same for other viewers 🙂

  10. Pratyush Raman Avatar

    Hey when I try running this, I get:
    build.pde:7:0:7:0: The constructor build.Particle() is undefined

  11. Michele Zaccagnini Avatar

    Daniel, Thanks a lot for your awesome videos. Quick question: I am using Processing in Python mode and I can't find a Python version of ArrayList. Do you know if there is some class that can substitute it? Or is it in the making?

  12. Volkan Tuncay Avatar

    This guy is great 🙂 Quite fun to follow…

  13. BaconKwagga Avatar

    my particle is a star shape but it is too big. what's a good way to resize the particle?
    edit: i couldn't do it with scale(), the stars would go crazy and all over the screen. it works with ellipse or rect, weirdly. so i eventually did it by tweaking the vector values and it's sort of okay but it's not the same thing.

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