4.7: Introduction to Polymorphism – The Nature of Code

This video looks at the topic of polymorphism in object-oriented programming.

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5 responses to “4.7: Introduction to Polymorphism – The Nature of Code”

  1. weltraumimport Avatar

    congrats to 200k subscribers!

  2. miranda mayor Avatar

    In 8 minutes I understood what I could not understand with my teacher in 2 hours.

    Thank you so much

  3. Ranjan Nayyar Avatar

    I have a question. If suppose I add another method into the dog class, which is an extended version of the animals class but this method does not exist in the basic animals class. I want to run that method in the same loop for (animals a: kingdom). I am assuming that is not possible.!

  4. Westis96 Avatar

    Videos 8 and 9 seem to be set as private in this Nature of Code playlist.

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