4 Important Design Skills I’ve Learned Online

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Since I’ve been showing my lettering and logo design to the world, I’ve been asked, “How did you learn?” In this video I’m going to show you some of the best classes from Skillshare and what I learnt from them!

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Here are the links to the classes:
iPad Lettering:
Lettering Layout:
Chalk Lettering:
Pen Tool in Illustrator:


Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed this video!

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35 responses to “4 Important Design Skills I’ve Learned Online”

  1. David Jarman Avatar

    How much did they pay you for this one?

  2. Tana C Avatar

    I really like your channel.I went to design school & unfortunately when it came to learning the programs, they barely covered it:(

  3. Rabia Israr Avatar

    your videos are awesome.. i am learning a lot about logo and graphic designing from ur videos

  4. Eunice Gallegos Avatar

    Your videos are so helpful!! Thank you!

  5. Elia Aldrighetti Avatar

    So…why this guy hasn't got a ton more of visuals?? Damn good 🙂

  6. Speaking of Dre Avatar

    I was loving it until you kept on talking about skillshare even though they sponsored the video it seemed like it was B.S

  7. cristhian serna Avatar

    Mate, I really want to get enrolled but can not access to the site, any hint about?

  8. Corey Byas Avatar

    I tried them it seemed ok but what i was watching was the things I could find on YouTube etc for free it wasn't anything major. It's those photoshop guys selling a course, it's just the same skills you know they basically perfected it over time. SS was basically everything I knew already. Honestly some of the nice little tricks/methods I found right on YouTube

  9. Jupinder Sandhu Avatar

    Plz tell me some of the companies

  10. Jupinder Sandhu Avatar

    How to talk to clients to sell fonta and art
    Pls help me

  11. Gou Sin-you Avatar

    超棒的 I like to read your writing

  12. David Pruitt Avatar

    I am a huge fan of Skillshare! I had not seen the layout class so.. I am certainly going to go check that out!

  13. Mrdeluca666 Avatar

    Thanks Will! You are one of the guys/women I get the most inspiration from. I just signed to Skillshare 🙂 I´m new to lettering but I wanna get really good at it. Coz it´s so much fun. Cheers!

  14. Tayseer- Tech Avatar

    thanks for sharing that Will , you are awesome

  15. ashok chavada Avatar

    Hi i am from india last week i tried to buy skillshare premuim but it was not allowing me to buy it. Is it available for an indian?

  16. Lone Leøn Avatar

    Hi Will, is it worth to buy some tablet for lettering only? Need to speed up vectoring process, are these calligraphy apps really so good as a real ink calligraphy? Or they can miss some moments and you'll have more stuff to fix. Thank you :3

  17. Manny Donaire Avatar

    there's a thing called, 'practicing'. your lettering won't look great the first, second, third, fourth or even the fifth…but it'll get better eventually.

    I was on skillshare and personally..i don't like it. I got some portfolio pieces off it, but feedback from instructor was NON-EXISTENT. did get some feedback from other students though.

  18. Marcin F Avatar

    Thanks Will for all good stuff you sharing with us, people like me who have no formal education in graphic design,
    and who builds their experience watching channels like yours, and yes, if you really want study design on your own go to sites like skillshare, pay price of cup of tea for unlimited access to valuable classes. thank you again !

  19. Benneth John Avatar

    I always wait for your videos. Like "what's he gonna do next?". Thank you for all the inspiring things you shared throughout the years, bruh! Your instagram feed is also my moodboard btw.

  20. Paul Stancel Avatar

    Well… time to get skillshare 😀

  21. bayron designs Avatar

    videos in spanish please bro

  22. Duran Diesel Avatar

    Will you are the best thanks for this and all your awesome videos!

  23. SolomonDesignz Avatar

    Mr Paterson, could you please make a video of you transferring your hand lettering on paper into photoshop or illustrator.

  24. Efrén Febres Cordero Avatar

    Thank you Wil, you're the best!

  25. Paypie Avatar

    I have to pay 8$ a month on skillshare..
    i do not have a Credit card. so how am i sUpposed to work with skillshare

  26. PB&Jrunr Avatar

    Gonna have to check that class out!

  27. Ruben R. Samaniego Avatar

    Have you tried Astropad, Will? If so, I am curious, what do you think about it?

  28. Ruben R. Samaniego Avatar

    Can you please share some book recommendations, Will?

  29. Chris Hanline Avatar

    Dawg I'm on Skillshare already and I'm so about it.

  30. Made by Mighty Avatar

    Beautiful piece Will! Thanks for putting that info out there! Skillshare seems like an awesome platform!

  31. Fatnek Avatar

    Loving the videos! I use them to help me teach design in a prison.Thank you!

  32. Create Imperfect Avatar

    Thank you for this! Seriously! I've never really tried lettering but knowing that people find it possible to learn online without needing to go to college, for design, lessens the fear of me trying.

  33. Egolay Avatar

    Hey Will! I love your videos so much, and they are greatly helping me improve my skills. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to make these videos! Much love.

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