4 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Logo Design


Fiverr Rant! Roberto Blake :

Great Graphic Design Resources!


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35 responses to “4 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Logo Design”

  1. techraj Avatar

    Excellent logo design tutorial. I like it. Now i make this logo easily . Thanks dear .
    Oh i am a logo designer .Here is my GIG please see this and you can order me https://www.fiverr.com/s2/f0eefbdfc7

  2. Ange Angel Avatar

    Thank you so much it s like me talking to my self, you really mentioned every thing I go through. Keep up

  3. It'sGio Official Avatar

    Great advice! This counts for Dj's one on one as well ☺

  4. Niraj films Avatar

    gre8 advice bro….u good

  5. Natasha Thibeault Avatar

    you should do a video where you critique other people logos (constructive criticism obviously)

  6. Hikari Kinomoto Avatar

    I have always been into art… but it´s a struggle for me to stick to something quite enough to finish it… So I´m kinda a frustrated "artist" but since I found your channel (been watching 7 videos in a row) it had me really inspired to get going on, no matter if i finish or not, what really matters is to never stop. I really enjoy the way you explain things and the enthusiasm you have, thank you so much!

    sorry for the long comment ( >_<)U

  7. Zachary Ulibarri Avatar

    "Stop doing free work." Tell that to Aaron Draplin. Helping people is great. Try it sometime.

  8. I'm Stuck Avatar

    STOP DOING FREE WORK – somebody must remind me that. (free since 8th grade LOL)

  9. Jonathan Swensen Avatar

    Great advice, thank you Will!

    Anyone – Just a question…Will speaks of having your work criticized, what are some good places to put your work to be critiqued? Obviously there's the common social media places (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), but I'm curious where the Graphic Design specifics are…Thank you in advance.

  10. Abele Gigante Avatar

    Logo on the background is not balanced

  11. Ghost ID Avatar

    get to the point ffs

  12. Василий Ефремов Avatar

    Thanks, Will. That is really inpirational video.

  13. Nolan Jerrold Avatar

    Hi Guys! My name is Nolan Jerrold and I will produce a high quality logo for you in 24 hours or less! For just $10, satisfaction guaranteed!
    For more details – Send me a direct message in Facebook!
    (I'll answer as fast as possible 🙂

  14. zacksutt Avatar

    Dope video…valuable information!

  15. Catherine Gates Avatar

    Can you make a video about what are the most ideal computing needs to be a graphic designer like how much memory, storage, CPU, and many other things that you must have on your computer to be a graphic designer.

  16. Bent-Erik Munch Avatar

    cool advice, clear message keep on and never get up, 🙂

  17. Mickey Avatar

    i will design 2 awesome logo in fiverr
    check my gig :https://www.fiverr.com/amolbangare

  18. Sandra Avatar

    hi there, is it good to add design/creative at the end of your brand name. I hear mixed answers on this. Some people say add when starting off others says don't add it. As a graphic designer I currently I have design at the end of my unique name. It's been running for 1 year now but don't know if i should remove to make it shorter. Your advice would really help.


  19. Joel Setterberg Avatar

    Great video! I am not a logo designer, but a game developer. Another related subject to this is "Imposter syndrome" I think.
    Sort of the feeling that you should be better because you charge for your work and so on. It is important to remember that no one is perfect and knows everything. I am trying to think "As long as I still learning new stuff I am good". Also another expression I like is "An expert has done all the mistakes". This should imply that he/she also learned from those mistakes though 😛

  20. Slobodan Šupak Avatar

    you want criticque? for a start: remove the nail from your face, remove the shit from your ears, remove the rings from your fingers, remove the hideous glasses off your nose, stop lisping and lower the pitch of your voice in the edit. when you do all of that we'll see what needs to be done next.

  21. Ahlam Alshehri Avatar

    I just like the second thing I hope every Client watch this video

  22. Coralie Palm Avatar

    This isn't the type of video I was looking for. I was just curious about tips on how to do it. However, I really appreciate the information in this video. I think this can apply to many things.

  23. Tyler Morgan Avatar

    ╭( ͡° ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ͡°)╮

  24. Tyler Morgan Avatar

    I am not interested in graphic design. subscribe to AwesomeAlex521 2

  25. Lizz White Avatar

    Hi Will
    Watched this video yesterday and just had to subscribe to you and to Roberto Blake immediately. Your vid inspired me to start working on doing stuff I have been wanting to do for 20 years now but never before thought I was good enough.
    Your vids are great, lighting setup is on point.
    Keep making us vids dude! 😉

  26. Sami Dinno Avatar


  27. Noman Shimul Avatar

    you said vary good. very informative video

  28. Ryan George Avatar

    photoshop is not meant to create logos is haha

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