4K Subs! Thank you all and hope to see you in the future! Of course more videos on the way!

Want a Personal 1 on 1 Coding Session with Me? Message me on YouTube for details.

Have any Game Maker, Java, C++, Unity, Batch tutorials? Leave a comment or a video response to this video! Thanks for watching I hope you learned something.






30 responses to “4000 SUBSCRIBERS”

  1. Apekshit Jotwani Avatar

    lol…congrats!! Keep making awsome videos.. learning a lot

  2. Kyaru Faz Avatar

    Its RealTutsGML Without A Shirt Thats Who It Is ^-^

  3. Rafficka Avatar

    congratulations, i recently hit 100 subs, btw that robe looks comfy as hell, but RealTuts on the right pec is so fruity!

  4. Richard Tester Avatar

    Zack your so funny! congratulations on 4k subs. I got my first one the other day LOL
    Maybe I should do something for my subscriber cherry 🙂

  5. Richard Tester Avatar

    I bet you wont find me with a Koala as my avatar. This one I made back in my Jasc Paintshop Pro 5 days.

  6. smash melons Avatar

    Is it for sale ? If so ill take 3

  7. On The Off Chance Avatar

    this guy is such a clown

  8. GamesDandy Avatar

    WOW! It takes balls to do that. He should do more videos with his robe on..

    And give us a link so we can buy one of them!

  9. PwnsorGames Avatar

    I hope you were wearing underwear :O

  10. ZeDAILOS Avatar

    Your channel is awesome ,congrats!
    Nice robe by the way

  11. Arescfh Avatar

    Grats! thx and keep it up

  12. Twurl Avatar

    I find this easy to masturbate to.

  13. mrsillyclips Avatar

    can u make a udk tutorial???

  14. Trax Morth Avatar

    Can u make a tutorial on UDK or unity?? hehe

  15. TacticalGamingProject Avatar

    ahaa man that would be funny as hell! wait if you think about it … hell isn't that funny ..

  16. Joffrey Bieber Avatar

    Congratulations and thank you for the knowledge!

  17. MattThePotato Avatar

    sexy tits, sexier hand motions, and even sexier robe I gotta make my 1k as good as this…maybe a boss bikini? Ill send u a free pair bro

  18. JJOULK Avatar

    Of course you get them!!
    You´re the Best Dude
    Keep on going with GML and Java

  19. TheTinxE Avatar

    Nice. Keep up the amazing tutorials. Best GM tuts on the web.

  20. rexfurry Avatar

    Oh my…o_o…it's…AMAZING O U O! Lol, and congrats on the subs man ^)^

  21. hussein ibrahim Avatar

    You need to upload more tutorials my friend!!!

  22. Mrayis100 Avatar

    I remember your 40th sub!

  23. gasquakee Avatar

    Congrats on 4000 subs and being the wierdest video i have watched today (so far >:D)

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