5.0b: Introduction to Physics Engines Part 2 – The Nature of Code

This video is the second part of my introduction to physics engines. Here I answer questions submitted by viewers.

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17 responses to “5.0b: Introduction to Physics Engines Part 2 – The Nature of Code”

  1. Christopher Miles Avatar

    I have a project with connections and collisions, but it's not a web-based project. Is there an engine like matter.js but not web-based?

  2. Ig Viljoen Avatar

    Great series. Thanks. I was watching some kids playing with balloons, blowing them up and making them fly, and was wondering about the physics. As they deflate they move faster and more randomly. This may have to do with as combination of change in elasticity of the rubber and reduced air resistance due to smaller size, combined with a rudder effect for the nozzle. It could be and interesting challenge to simulate.

  3. George Hatoutsidis Avatar

    Bro your chanel is the best and very hepful can you make a tutorial about mashine lerning , i dont understand nothing maybe you can help, i lern firebase from you . thnks from george from Greece 🙂

  4. Edson Henrique Avatar

    Very good, are you gonna build one or you are just explaining how they works? (please build one)

  5. Mitoful3000 Avatar

    Awesome explanations! Thank you! I have one more question though, what would happen if you created some complex object, for example a double pendulum? Would it still work perfectly? Would you hit the limit of the physics engine?

  6. morlai kamara Avatar

    please help me understand one thing here, the same setup in p5js work in notepad or notepad++, without p5js installed

  7. morlai kamara Avatar

    i am really moved by your videos, but i still have problem with p5js, when i create canvas there is always a proble, even when am using p5 in brackets, same problem

  8. Nola1222 Avatar

    New outroo!!!! Coolll

  9. jamesmeister14 Avatar

    i was just wondering wear you work? Cause you seem like a genius and im curious to see what lucky company snagged ya

  10. Sergio Flores Avatar

    Does anybody know the c++ version of the Coding Train? I'm really trying to learn that language and he really seems to teach to it very well.

  11. Erik McCall Avatar

    Love seeing this! it would be great if you could updated the vector videos for p5.js

  12. UnspokenDG Avatar

    Stuck around for both parts keep it up

  13. apple tech geek Avatar

    Make a 2d water simulator with ability to interact

  14. Marti Prees Avatar

    i am really thankful for people like you for teaching and explaining us things that we dont underastand yet and want to learn. 🙂 Thank you!

  15. HYPE-_-WILDCAT Avatar

    you should code a unity game

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