5.3: Doodle Classifier: Prepping Data in p5.js – Intelligence and Learning

In part 3 of the “doodle classifier” series, I use the Google Quick Draw data prepared in Processing and import it into a p5.js JavaScript sketch.

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8 responses to “5.3: Doodle Classifier: Prepping Data in p5.js – Intelligence and Learning”

  1. Subscribschannel Avatar

    You've said variables that never change and I thought how strange, shouldn't be constants (CONSTS IN UPPERCASE)

  2. Chris Susi Avatar

    Thank you for the video. It was great to see how pixel data comes together in arrays to form the larger picture. Really enjoy when you make those connections.

  3. halbe geschmacksvolle Schinken-und Ananaspizza Avatar

    Hey, i wanted to ask you something about let blablabla;. Is it creating an unspcified data type with the name blablabla or what is it doing?

  4. Kjetil Vinorum Avatar

    With those people in the hall it's just like a coding olympics with all the fans going wild for the excitement;)

  5. Gummans Gubbe Avatar

    784 b *1000 = 784 Kb. Isn't that how it works in the real world? And in the computer world it is 784 b*1024 = 784 Kb?

  6. BurgerBob Avatar

    You should have also picked unicorns imo xD

  7. Gabe Chevalier Avatar

    I'm so glad that the unlisted videos are in the description!

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