5.3: Functions and Return – p5.js Tutorial

This video covers what it means for a function to return a value.

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20 responses to “5.3: Functions and Return – p5.js Tutorial”

  1. SogMosee Avatar

    I love this guy!

  2. MNation Avatar

    Do you Have Any courses on programming?

  3. baby on rocks Avatar

    dude u re awesum…u make this coding stuff much easy to understand thn it was before whether it s treehouse or anything …u re d bst teacher ..hats off man

  4. SimonJStorm Avatar

    11:50 "I don't ever see love, now how do i deal with that problem" – learning about coding and life on this channel, much love to you Dan <3 Excellent video as always!

  5. Tracybeme Avatar

    "Oh man, this camera keeps turning off" what's the counter value for this statement?

  6. Tracybeme Avatar

    The function print(); calls the printer window; println(); is not recognized.

  7. Rob Molloy Avatar

    Hi, I really struggled to get this to work but got this answer from 'GoToLoop' on the processing forum which really helped me.

    " Function println() was removed from p5.js' API!
    Replace it w/ print(). Or use console.log() or console.info(), etc.

    BtW, hit F12 to open browser's developer tool. Then go to the console tab, so you can see whether any errors happened or not. "

    I may be the only person to not realise you had to use the console in the browser.

  8. Lauge Rønberg Avatar

    i made a BMI calculator using weight and height as arguments 😉 (i feel proud…)

  9. Da-mel Melton Avatar

    What is a function ?

  10. Red_Psy Avatar

    A couple things have changed in p5 since these videos were released – println() for example. It's probably good practice to just go and check the reference if you are using a p5 function and you get errors such as "not defined". Quick and easy way to double check your code!

  11. Alvaro Morales Avatar

    3: Uncaught ReferenceError: println is not defined

  12. tomilo Avatar

    i have made this button maker, after whatcing only your videos

    var rectBotton = function(x,y,s){
    return mouseX > x-s/2 && mouseX < x+s/2 && mouseY > y-s/2 && mouseY < y+s/2;

  13. Random Avatar

    p5 console doesn't work need to see what thats about
    seems like and odd problem
    ;S " println is not defined " written on the browser console …
    Must re install this or am I missing libraries?
    the console used to work something is missing i guess.
    plus some of the previous lessons.js are damaged / not working…
    I will re install p5

  14. Dignity Freerun Avatar

    My console keeps telling "println is not defined". Is there something I need to enable in de libs?

  15. trinakriae Avatar

    How comes that 26.3 * 1.6 is not equal to simply 42.08? That's the correct result

  16. Shuhao Shang Avatar

    Mile is lager than KM.
    Is that actually,
    var miles = km*1.6 ?
    return miles or km?

  17. Julian Puppo Avatar

    I think your camara is an agent of evilness and destruction that doesn´t want the world to learn p5.js

  18. deepank verma Avatar

    A quick question ,however, I want to store the pressed key in an array order wise, first pressed key first. Any handy solutions?
    I've tried almost everything.

  19. deepank verma Avatar

    couldn't have been better.

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