5.9: Box2D Joints: Revolute Joint – The Nature of Code

This video introduces the concept of joints in Box2D and demonstrates how to create a revolute joint.

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2 responses to “5.9: Box2D Joints: Revolute Joint – The Nature of Code”

  1. Julian Puppo Avatar

    I don´t quite understand how the position on the anchorpoint works.

    Im trying to make a "human like" object and using revolute joint in each joint of the shape.

    the 3er parameter of the function .initialize is the position of the anchor point.
    Ok. I understand that.

    But if i change it it only changes the position acording the box1 body, not the box2, in the box2 the anchorpoint is always in the center.

    Do i make my self clear?
    Im looking for the reference but says nothing about it. Maybe there is something obvius im not seeing.

  2. Simon Tewolde Avatar

    What's the difference between box2d.createBody(bodydef) and box2d.world.createBody(bodydef)? They both seem to work the same. Thanks in advance

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