5 Books Every Logo Designer Needs 📚

I’ve been asked so much about what books I’ve read to learn about logo and graphic design. All these books here will will help you learn and inspire to you be better as a graphic designer!

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21 responses to “5 Books Every Logo Designer Needs 📚”

  1. Stephanie Noel Avatar

    My favortie design books are Thinking With Type by Ellen Lupton, Logo Design Love by David Aireys and Threads Not Dead by Jeff Finley.

  2. Andy Judd Avatar

    Pretty Much Everything by Aaron Draplin is on order 😀

  3. Zenith Graphics Avatar

    I just learned that I live about 30 minutes away from Aaron Draplin. I'm gonna go say hi sometime.

  4. LAVDEEP CHAHAL 14BME1190 Avatar

    When you gonna write book?

  5. Karen Robertson Avatar

    jeez i just love your channel. thank you

  6. Barbara Petz-Kovács Avatar

    I was just looking for sg about grid systems! Thanks a lot!!

  7. Stephen Parkinson Avatar

    Just had a look at Los Logos on amazon. At the moment I use Pinterest for inspiration and ideas and I don't think buying that book will be £40 of value to me. Not when I pay zilch for Pinterest.

  8. Carl Raw Avatar

    'A Smile In The Mind' is by far the best book for me, many different styles which help strike random inspiration!

  9. Blue Deer Design Avatar

    There are some aweosme books on this list! Los logos is incredible!

  10. Nicole Lyon Avatar

    Omg, I love Aaron draplin. I have proper brain crush on him, also helps that he's a big teddy bear. His passion and personality is so infectious. I'll be watching his skillshare class tomorrow and crushing of his skills.

  11. Thyphonius Avatar

    I started with GO by Chip Kidd. Awesome beginners guide.

  12. Cibu George Avatar

    good joob my friend!!

  13. Agata Walas Avatar

    Hi Will, there is plenty of logo design books like catalogue and I agree it's good to have them and take a look, but I believe some books about logos can give us more information than these catalogue's type. I found very useful Logo Design Love by David Aireys. He speaks of many aspect when it comes to creating a logo. I heard logo modernism is good too, but didn't check it yet. I love the book "Made to stick" it doesn't say it's about logo, but in fact the book shows very important rules when designing and we can apply them to logo design.

  14. Gregg Hicks Avatar

    Aaron Draplin is a stand up guy! I recently got a chance to meet him this last year after missing one of his earlier speaking engagements in Denver a few years back. He is an inspiration as a designer& entrepreneur. I can tell you, you won't be disappointed in his book! I've actually gotten multiple copies and given them as gifts to other designers I know.

  15. Marcin F Avatar

    Aaron Drapplin book is FANTASTIC !

  16. Kenneth Buekenhout Avatar

    Coincidence or not, but I actually ordered 3 of these books today before I saw this video, including Aaron Draplin's book, which I'm the most excited about!. Can't wait until they arrive tomorrow. 😀
    Thank you for another great video Will! Btw, when can we expect your first book? 🙂

  17. Nick Yonce Avatar

    Pretty Much Everything by Aaron Draplin is a phenomenal book! I own it and absolutely love it. Dude is such an inspiration.

  18. Talha TETBIRT Avatar

    ''Vector Basic Training: A Systematic Creative Process for Building Precision Vector Artwork (Voices That Matter)
    Von Glitschka
    This a great book will

  19. Aez Design Avatar

    I've just finished to record my last video, and it's almost about the same topic, i hate you so much, will

  20. pat:h Avatar

    do you know the site (website) viction:ary they sell a lot of really good and inspirational books and they are soooooo beautyfull

  21. Gurisu desu Avatar

    Thanks for the info! Those books looks pretty cool, I'll try to get them 😀

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