5 Foolproof Ways To Get NEW Clients

Something I get asked frequently is how I get design clients! So in this video I’ll show you 5 ways to get those clients you need!

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Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed this video!

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29 responses to “5 Foolproof Ways To Get NEW Clients”

  1. Will Paterson Avatar

    Hope you guys enjoy! Let me know down below how you get your clients. 🙂

  2. Tejaswi Bitra Avatar

    I really liked the Zero pay invoice idea. Will remember and try it out.

  3. a nader Avatar

    Will id love youto talk about Jesus..especially now you have big influence.God Bless.Andrea Nader( Ex Influence church)

  4. Monox ine Avatar

    wow.. post up 1 design each day? i don't think can be happen my friend 🙂

  5. Brad Rowlison Avatar

    Thanks Will, this was helpful!

  6. ZemaArts Avatar

    any chance to know how you create your invoices / contracts for clients?

  7. 1 million subs without 1 VIDEO!? Avatar

    What's your set up? (camera, lensss.. etc)

  8. Lee Nelson Avatar

    thank you. great advice

  9. laurent lefort Avatar

    Thank you from France for your advices 😉 keep going

  10. Luke Gawthorp Avatar

    Hello would you be able to do a video showing how you work out your pricing pleaseeee 🙂

    Love the channel keep up the good work!

  11. Bowtie Arts Avatar

    what if I have NO following…

  12. Grabster Avatar

    What i want to see is "How do get sponsors for youtube videos"

  13. bartek bartek Avatar

    Can you make me a logo for my Steam? please

  14. Hugo Coutinho Avatar

    Nice video Will! Nice to see that you're making videos again <3

  15. YDC Avatar

    welcome back will.

  16. Nima S. Avatar

    hey Will,
    I study Communication design and want to know, if there is a way to find out, in which direction I can specialize at?
    Because at the time I know a little about everything.

  17. Justin Sim Avatar

    Everytime I visit your channel it really benefits me a lot as a fresh graduate in graphic design, keep up the good work bro, you will inspire more people than you will ever though

  18. Raspberry Creative Avatar

    My only concern with DMing companies will, is that you already have a following. Many smaller designers(that this video is marketed towards) may not get a second look

  19. KM Design Studio Avatar

    Thank you so much Will. I always wait for your videos and they all are great. Thank you so much for making so many things clear in this video which were not clear to me before.

  20. Anonymous Designer Avatar

    To all those posting first— YOU'LL NEVER BE BETTER THAN THE 26th LIKE!!

    26th like btw :3

  21. Robert Loyale Avatar

    still get 303 views in 20 minutes lol

  22. Brandon Lunderstedt Avatar

    Are you from the North West? I'm sure I saw you (or a look-a-like) 3 years ago in a shop around Manchester hahaha either way great content man! I love your channel! 🙂

  23. Adnan Isakovic Avatar

    Dude you are a great inspiration and your channel is amazing and helpful. Watching your videos I fall in love with hand lettering.( I just started with it ) I love the process and it is amazing to see my own improvement.
    Keep doing videos, big support and thank you 🙂

    btw my first clients came from upwork; I know it is a bad site; but I knew that my work and skill weren't that good 🙂

  24. Hermanni Hakumäki Avatar

    Fullproof? Isn't it foolproof… (-: good video tho

  25. Chris Hanline Avatar

    Solid advice! Wondering if you bust out stuff every day to post to IG, or if you sit down for a day and drum up a bunch of stuff and then release one per day for a week or something.

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